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Zain Shah – £0 to Full-time Amazon Seller (Group Buy)

In the “Zain Shah – £0 to Full-time Amazon Seller” course, you’ll receive a comprehensive foundation for becoming a successful Amazon seller. This includes guidance on registering a business, setting up your Amazon account, understanding FBA fees, and conducting effective product research. You’ll gain access to valuable checklists, niche selection strategies, and resources to help you start your journey as a full-time Amazon seller. Perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs in the e-commerce space.

Zain Shah – £0 to Full-time Amazon Seller


1: Foundations


Business and Company Name

Business Address Phone and Email

Registering Ltd Company and Business Bank Account

2: Amazon Basics

Know This Before you Get Banned

Opening Amazon Account

New Amazon Seller Account – IMPORTANT Settings To Change Immediately

Amazon FBA Fees and Calculators

3: Product Research

Things to Understand Before

Product Research Checklist Explained

Niche Selection | Gated Categories

Gated Categories List

Product inspiration Method – Amazon Auto Suggest

Product inspiration Method – Amazon Best Sellers

Product Inspiration Method – Bought Together

Tool for Product Research

Discount Link for H10

Setting up h10

Product Research Analysis with X-ray

4: Bonus – Resources and Templates

Sales Page

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