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XB Marketing – CPA Marketing Mastery Course

The XB Marketing – CPA Marketing Mastery Course by XB Marketing teaches how to make money online through Cost Per Acquisition marketing. The 7+ hour video course covers niche research, landing page creation, free and paid traffic strategies, Facebook automation, TikTok marketing, and building passive income streams.

CPA Marketing Mastery Course Review


The CPA Marketing Mastery Course by XB Marketing aims to teach students how to make money online through Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) marketing.

CPA marketing is a model where advertisers pay publishers a fixed fee every time the publisher generates a desired action, such as a sale or lead. Publishers promote offers and get paid when they deliver results.

This course promises to show you how to earn daily income through CPA marketing using simple strategies that require only 5-10 minutes per day.

Course Breakdown

The course is divided into 7 modules:

Module 1: Getting Started

This introductory module covers:

  • What is CPA marketing
  • How to choose the right offer category
  • Tips for monetizing CPA offers
  • How to get approved by CPA networks
  • Top CPA networks to join

Module 2: Niche Research

Module 2 focuses on niche research, including:

  • Finding profitable niches
  • Generating keyword ideas
  • Curating premium content
  • Useful research tools

Module 3: Prelander

This module teaches how to create effective landing pages (prelanders) to promote your CPA offers and includes:

  • Landing page best practices
  • Editing templates
  • Connecting pages to offers
  • Recommended landing page tools

Module 4: Driving Traffic

The traffic module covers strategies for getting visitors to your landing pages such as:

  • Instagram marketing
  • Facebook groups
  • YouTube videos
  • Reddit
  • Google ads

Module 5: Facebook Automation

Module 5 focuses specifically on automated Facebook lead generation.

Module 6: TikTok

This module teaches how to promote CPA offers on TikTok.


Over $4,800 worth of bonuses are included such as:

  • Building a passive income business on Digistore24
  • Making money on Clickbank
  • Monetizing a YouTube channel

What You Will Learn

By taking this course, students will learn:

  • Niche research – How to find profitable niches and keyword ideas to target.
  • Landing page creation – Steps for making high-converting landing pages.
  • Traffic strategies – Different methods for driving targeted traffic to landing pages including paid and free options.
  • Facebook automation – Setting up campaigns to automate lead generation on Facebook.
  • TikTok marketing – Promoting offers on TikTok and avoiding shadowbans.
  • Passive income streams – Building various assets like YouTube channels, affiliate sites, and online courses to earn passively.

Course Instructor

The course founder goes by XB Marketing online. He claims to actively use the strategies in the course himself.

Based on the sales page, XB Marketing seems to have experience with:

  • CPA marketing
  • Affiliate marketing (Clickbank)
  • YouTube monetization
  • Building businesses on platforms like Digistore24

However, no background or credentials are provided to validate these claims.

Course Format

The CPA Marketing Mastery Course is delivered through a membership site. It consists of over 7 hours of video content divided into 50 lectures.

The training videos appear to be screencast style showing the instructor’s computer screen.

Downloadable resources like niche lists, templates, and tools are also included. Students get lifetime access to the course material.


No pricing information is provided on the sales page. The cost of the course is unclear.


  • Covers both free and paid traffic strategies
  • Includes over 7 hours of video content
  • Lifetime access to material
  • Downloadable resources provided
  • Bonus courses on passive income topics


  • No credentials/background given for instructor
  • Pricing not transparent


The CPA Marketing Mastery Course provides a solid introduction to making money through CPA affiliate offers and lead generation. The video lectures are extensive and cover both paid and free traffic methods. Niche research and landing page creation are also covered in detail.

The biggest downside is the lack of transparency about the instructor XB Marketing. No background or credentials are provided to validate his expertise. The course pricing is also not disclosed upfront.

Overall, it offers a helpful starter guide to CPA marketing but students should be cautious without knowing the instructor’s qualifications. Beginners looking to learn affiliate marketing strategies may find value in the video content and bonuses.

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XB Marketing CPA Marketing Mastery Course
XB Marketing - CPA Marketing Mastery Course

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