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Walker Deibel – Buy Then Build Masterclass (Group Buy)

The “Walker Deibel – Buy Then Build Masterclass” is a comprehensive program covering acquisition entrepreneurship and building businesses through acquisitions. It includes 8 modules, over 20 hours of lecture content, bonus videos, expert interviews, readings, exercises, and downloadable resources. Participants will learn about various aspects of acquisition entrepreneurship, including profiling target companies, conducting due diligence, SBA financing, and working with investors. Additionally, it provides bonus courses and expert interviews to offer practical insights into this business strategy. Ideal for entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts looking to grow through acquisitions.

Walker Deibel – Buy Then Build Masterclass

What You Get:

Core Masterclass Content

  • 8 Comprehensive modules of self-study curriculum
  • 20+ Hours of Lecture
  • 31 Bonus Content Videos
  • 12 Guest Speakers/Expert Interviews
  • 22 Supplemental Readings
  • 15 Exercises to Further Your Journey
  • 8 Downloadable Resources (e.g. Calculators, Reference Guides, Templates)
  • 2 Searchable Glossaries

BONUS COURSES covering over 15 additional hours of practical insight!

  • Frequently Asked Questions Course
    This course includes over 70 questions and answers about all aspects of acquisition entrepreneurship especially SBA financing that have been asked by Acquisition Lab members during live sessions with lenders as well as Walker Deibel.
  • Expert Interview Series
    Get access to 38 interviews with Acquisition Entrepreneurs discussing how they found their deals, mistakes they made, lessons learned, etc. as well as M&A Professionals sharing their insights and experiences.
  • Module 1: Introduction to Acquisition Entrepreneurship
  • Module 2: Getting Started With Acquisition Entrepreneurship
  • Module 3: Profiling Your Perfect Company
  • Module 4: The Search
  • Module 5: Evaluation and Analysis
  • Module 6: The Seller
  • Module 7: Part One: Acquisition Phase
  • Module 7: Part Two: Conducting Due Diligence
  • Module 8: Then Build
  • Glossary: Key Metrics for Financial Analysis
  • Glossary: Key Concepts for Acquisition Entrepreneurs
  • Specialized Resources for Online Buyers
  • Specialized Resources for Working with Investors
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