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Troy Dean – The Godfather Method (Group Buy)

Troy Dean – The Godfather Method provides a structured approach to building assets and creating custom offers for your business. In Part 1, you’ll learn how to identify your target audience, understand their needs and barriers, and define your transformation pillars. Additionally, you’ll delve into the psychology and marketing analysis of driving human behavior. Part 2 focuses on crafting a unique value proposition, effectively pitching your offer, packaging it attractively, and tailoring your script for maximum success and return on investment.

Troy Dean – The Godfather Method

What You Get:

Part 1: Building the Assets

  • Identify the exact group you serve (if you have no idea right now, don’t worry!)
  • Understand exactly what they need and define their dream outcomes.
  • Recognize what is stopping them, and how you can help to break that barrier.
  • Get absolute clarity on your 3 Pillars of Transformation
  • Psychology and complex marketing analysis behind what drives people so you can truly connect and make an impact.

Part 2: Custom Offers

  • Craft your UVP into a concise and impactful mission statement
  • Pitch your offer so that your audience sees the value
  • Steps to package your offer in an enticing and irresistible way
  • Tailor our script to suit your offer for maximised success and ROI

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