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Traian Turcu – The 30-Day Product Picking Challenge

The “Product Picking Challenge” is a program created by Traian Turcu, which aims to teach participants his secret formula for finding profitable and low-competition products to sell on Amazon. The program offers various tools and strategies to assist in the product selection process. Here are some highlights of what you will learn:

Traian Turcu – The 30-Day Product Picking Challenge

Course Description:

The Product Picking Challenge: Traian’s Secret Formula for Finding Low Competition, High Profit, High Sales Products to Sell on Amazon 

Here’s the executive summary of what you will be learning in this program:

– Traian’s “Quick Power Quotes” Tool  –>  Have you ever found it overwhelming to try to get quotes and to figure out the REAL profit potential, when you’re looking at MULTIPLE products at once? This tool SOLVES THAT PROBLEM. It helps you get quick quotes for multiple products at once, so you can focus like a laser beam on ONLY the best products.

– Traian’s “Random Idea” Tool –> You’ve heard of “writer’s block,” but what about “seller’s block?” One of the biggest sources of frustration during the product picking process is simple: where do you find inspiration for ideas of what to sell? Well, Traian has you covered. He invented his very own software to generate random ideas for products with a high potential for success on Amazon, which you can then use as a starting point to see if it’d be a good fit for you based on the trainings.

– Product Picking for All Budgets/Experience Levels –> Are you looking to launch a product with low starting capital? How about one with risky but high growth, or safe and steady growth? Regardless of where you are in your Amazon journey, Traian has included lessons specifically for each of these scenarios within the course, so you can see what you’ll need to get started on your path to profits, and what your end result could potentially be.

– One of Traian’s biggest secrets is his formula for uncovering GREAT products to sell on amazon.  He has figured out how to find the perfect balance of: in demand, high sales volume, yet under the radar products. That is what is being taught in this program.

– Traian’s Product Picking Calculator:  Traian has invented his very own calculator which automates the product picking process for you. You’ll know what your profit margin will be, how many reviews it will take to rank your product, and what type of budget is required to execute a successful launch.

– Building your product SILO:  Many Amazon sellers are their own worst enemy when it comes to rushing forward with the first idea they have. Traian shows you exactly how to “store” your product ideas, evaluate each one using specific criteria, and move forward with the best possible option.

You’ll get all of this… AND MUCH MUCH MORE… in the 30 Day Product Picking Challenge

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Traian Turcu - The 30-Day Product Picking Challenge

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