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Titan Network – Amazon FBA Mastermind

Titan Network is an exclusive mastermind for experienced Amazon sellers looking to scale their businesses beyond 7-figures. With tailored coaching, proven methodologies, shared wisdom of successful sellers, and a focused peer community, Titan provides the strategies and accountability to systematically build large brands on Amazon.

Titan Network – The Ultimate Amazon FBA Mastermind for Sellers

The Titan Network is an exclusive community and mastermind for ambitious Amazon sellers looking to grow and scale their businesses. Created by successful sellers Dan Ashburn and Athena Severi, Titan provides proven strategies, expert coaching, accountability, and a collaborative community to help sellers achieve 7, 8, and even 9-figure success on Amazon.

What Makes Titan Unique

Titan is different from other Amazon coaching programs in a few key ways:

  • Tailored Support Based on Business Stage: Titan offers customized programs for sellers at different stages, including launching, growing to 7-figures, scaling beyond $1M, and elite 8-figure sellers.
  • Proven TitanWay Methodology: Titan has developed the TitanWay, a methodology proven to help sellers systematically scale successfully on Amazon. It covers everything from product research to PPC, branding, team building, and more.
  • High-Quality Community: Titan members are vetted experienced sellers committed to growth. No service providers or consultants allowed. Weekly peer masterminds accelerate members’ businesses.
  • Platform Focused on Productivity: The Titan platform removes distractions so members can focus on execution. Built by sellers for sellers.
  • Ongoing Education: Live weekly office hours, masterclasses from experts, meetups, and accountable peer groups provide continuous learning.
  • Laser Coaching: Dedicated success coaches and group leaders provide tailored coaching and accountability to each member.
  • Tools to Automate and Systematize: Custom built Titan Tools empower sellers to streamline operations for faster growth.

Programs for Every Stage

Titan meets sellers where they are in their journey with customized programs:

Titan Genesis – For New Sellers

A step-by-step coaching program to help new Amazon FBA sellers build a strong foundation for a 7-figure business. Perfect for sellers doing under $350k per year.

Titan Growth – Accelerating to 7 Figures

Cutting edge strategies and coaching to take sellers from $350k to over $1M in annual revenue. Designed for sellers with some experience looking to scale.

Titan Scale – For Established 7-Figure Sellers

Advanced training, frameworks, and accountability for sellers doing $1-3M per year to level up to multi-7 or 8-figures.

Titan Elite – The 8 and 9-Figure Mastermind

For elite 7-figure+ sellers doing over $3M per year. Collaborate with industry leaders on big moves and decisions required at scale.

Who Is Titan For?

Titan is highly selective, only accepting established sellers who meet these criteria:

  • Have an existing private label brand selling on Amazon
  • Doing at least $350k per year in revenue
  • Serious ambition to build a 7 or 8-figure business
  • Willingness to learn and share knowledge
  • Able to attend in-person Titans events

Titan ensures every member is dedicated to growth so the group’s collective wisdom benefits all.

Titan Member Benefits

Titan members get:

  • Proven TitanWay Playbook: Step-by-step playbook distilling leaders’ proven success strategies.
  • Custom Titan Tools: Built by sellers to automate key tasks and optimize operations.
  • Weekly Peer Masterminds: Get coaching and troubleshoot challenges with peers.
  • In-Person Mastermind Events: Multi-day immersive workshops focused on growth.
  • Accountability Program: Provides structure, organization, and urgency to achieve goals.
  • Daily Office Hours: Calls with experts about PPC, product launches, marketing, and more.
  • Verified Seller Community: Collective wisdom of top sellers is a competitive advantage.
  • Focus Platform: Distraction-free platform purpose-built for productivity and growth.
  • Exclusive Partner Perks: Access to Titan’s vetted service providers and discounts.
  • Live Masterclasses: Bi-weekly expert-led classes on critical Amazon and entrepreneurship topics.

This complete set of benefits helps sellers scale faster with Titan than alone.

Meet Titan’s Experts

Titan is powered by an all-star team of expert sellers, operators, and coaches who provide tactical advice based on real-world success. With decades of combined Amazon experience spanning dozens of exits and hundreds of millions in sales, Titan leaders give sellers a unique advantage.

Some of Titan’s experts include:

  • Dan Ashburn: 8-figure seller and Titan co-founder.
  • Andrew Erickson: Exited for 7-figures and runs a second brand. Data expert.
  • Brendan Pettit: 7-figure seller and master of Amazon PPC.
  • Alycia Shapiro: 7-figure seller since 2003. Helps new sellers.
  • Jamie Baker: Multi 7-figure brand owner and former teacher.
  • Trevor Bradford: Branding expert and high 7-figure seller since the 1990s.
  • Kian Golzari: Designed and sourced over 2,500 products for global brands.

Their real-world knowledge and willingness to help is invaluable.

Is Titan Right for You?

Titan Network provides the proven framework, coaching, community, and accountability to unlock growth for driven sellers. Sellers who join Titan gain access to over $50 million in collective revenue and priceless entrepreneurial experience from Titan’s leaders.

If you’re an established seller looking to scale beyond 7-figures, Titan provides the strategies, systems, and support needed to build a successful brand on Amazon.

To learn more about joining Titan Network, visit their website and schedule a call to see if it’s a fit for your business goals. Investing in a mastermind could accelerate your growth and take your business to the next level.

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Titan Network Amazon FBA Mastermind
Titan Network – Amazon FBA Mastermind

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