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Titan Network – 5 Day Double Your Sales Challenge

The Titan Network – 5 Day Double Your Sales Challenge gives proven strategies from 7-8 figure sellers to rapidly increase Amazon profits. Led by founder Dan Ashburn, this workshop provides actionable frameworks to double sales in just 5 days. Gain insider techniques to drive explosive growth, beat rising costs, and transform your brand into an industry leader. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to network with and learn from elite sellers.

Titan Network – 5 Day Double Your Sales Challenge


The Titan Network is hosting a 5 day challenge workshop focused on helping Amazon sellers double their sales. The workshop will provide proven strategies, frameworks, and techniques used by top 7 and 8 figure sellers to generate explosive growth and profits.

The workshop will be led by Dan Ashburn (Titan Founder) and the Titan leadership team. They will share their decades of experience growing and scaling brands on Amazon.

What You’ll Learn

Here are some of the topics that will be covered during the 5 day challenge:

Day 1: Filling in the Cracks

  • How to establish correct root keyword groups for your listing’s maturity level
  • Discover how your competitors generate more sales and what to do about it
  • Quickly analyze market gaps and fill them with your products

Day 2: Low-Hanging Fruit Opportunities

  • Tweak your listing to instantly increase sessions
  • Dissect competitor products to get ahead
  • Find low-hanging opportunities to increase efficiency and combat rising costs

Day 3: Optimizing Prices for Profits

  • Perform price ratio analysis
  • Use the market to determine optimal pricing
  • Solve cash flow issues with suppliers

Day 4: Ace Your Advertising

  • Structure campaigns for overall growth
  • Focus on key PPC metrics
  • Manage PPC more effectively

Day 5: Leverage & Scale

  • Get the tools and mindset to scale your business
  • Exponentially grow your Amazon brand

What You’ll Gain

By participating in the 5 day challenge, you will:

  • Get access to Titan’s proven frameworks to double sales
  • Learn how to consistently reproduce results
  • Gain insights from Titans’ decades of experience
  • Discover actionable techniques to increase profits
  • Transform your Amazon brand into an industry leader

Why Take This Challenge?

Here are some key reasons to take the Titan Network’s 5 day sales challenge:

  • Proven Strategies – Gain access to strategies used by 7 and 8 figure sellers.
  • Short Timeframe – Just 5 days to implement key techniques.
  • Experienced Coaches – Learn from Dan Ashburn and the Titan leadership team.
  • Jumpstart Growth – Quickly increase your sales and profits.
  • Build Momentum – Establish consistency to scale your business.
  • Get Unstuck – Break through plateaus by working smarter.
  • Beat Rising Costs – Increase efficiency and combat external challenges.
  • Networking – Connect and build relationships with successful sellers.

What Past Attendees Are Saying

Here are some testimonials from past challenge attendees:

“Our business has literally tripled after implementing the strategies”

“I’ve been blown away by the amount of support and information provided”

“It feels like a family instead of going at it alone”

“My business transformed into a profit-generating machine”

“The connections help widen your reach and opportunities”

“I wish I had joined this earlier instead of wasting time and money elsewhere”

Titan Network Overview

The Titan Network is a community of elite Amazon sellers led by founder Dan Ashburn.

Here are some key things to know:

  • 7-8 Figure Sellers – Network focused on high level Amazon sellers.
  • Proven Frameworks – Field tested techniques and strategies.
  • Dan Ashburn – Founder and CEO with decades of experience.
  • Masterminds & Events – In-person and virtual events for growth.
  • SOPs – Standard operating procedures for efficiency.
  • Private Community – Connect with vetted high-level sellers.

Who Is This For?

The Titan Network 5 day challenge is ideal for:

  • New Sellers – Just starting and want to implement best practices.
  • Stalled Sellers – Hitting plateaus and need new strategies.
  • Established Sellers – Growing steadily but want to expand faster.

How to Participate

Here are the steps to take part in the challenge:

  1. Register for the challenge workshop
  2. Attend the 5 live Facebook video sessions
  3. Implement that day’s techniques in your business
  4. Network and engage with the Titan community
  5. Scale your profits and get closer to 7 figure exit plan!

Bonus Prizes

For attending all 5 sessions, you will be entered to win:

  • $5,000 Cash
  • Product Listing Makeover
  • Event Tickets to upcoming conference
  • Annual Membership to Titan Network

Next Steps

Ready to double your Amazon sales?

Click below to register for the Titan Network’s 5 day challenge workshop.


The Titan Network 5 day sales challenge provides a unique opportunity to get proven strategies from top sellers to quickly increase your profits.

In just 5 days, you can discover new techniques, network with high-level sellers, and build momentum to scale your business.

With Dan Ashburn and the Titan team’s decades of experience, you’ll get insights that simply work based on real-world results.

If you want to maximize sales, this challenge will equip you with actionable frameworks to rapidly grow your Amazon brand.

Don’t miss out on this chance to breakthrough plateaus, beat rising costs, and implement best practices.

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Titan Network 5 Day Double Your Sales Challenge
Titan Network - 5 Day Double Your Sales Challenge

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