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Titan Network - 5 Day Amazon PPC Mastery Challenge

Titan Network – 5 Day Amazon PPC Mastery Challenge

The Titan Network – 5 Day Amazon PPC Mastery Challenge course provides proven frameworks and 1-on-1 coaching to help experienced Amazon sellers completely overhaul their outdated PPC campaigns. Cutting edge strategies are tailored for the current Amazon landscape so sellers can increase profits, organic rank and growth. The course delivers rapid ROI by optimizing PPC campaigns into money-making assets.

Titan Network – 5 Day Amazon PPC Mastery Challenge


The Titan Network – 5 Day Amazon PPC Mastery Challenge is a course that teaches Amazon sellers an updated and optimized approach to PPC campaigns on Amazon.

The course focuses on providing a complete overhaul and restructuring of your current PPC campaigns to align with the major changes Amazon has made since late 2019. Outdated PPC strategies no longer produce results, so this course aims to give sellers the tools to thrive in the current Amazon landscape.

Some of the key topics covered in the course:

  • Keyword research foundation
  • Optimized campaign structure
  • Transitioning existing campaigns safely
  • Controlling placements and ACoS
  • Scaling campaigns sustainably
  • Bonus launch strategy training

The course was originally delivered as a live 5 day challenge, but has now been adapted into an on-demand format with one-on-one coaching support.

The training is delivered by expert coaches from Titan Network including co-founders Dan Ashburn and Athena Severi. The network works with thousands of sellers and has helped many scale to 7 and 8 figure revenues on Amazon.

The course is priced at a one-time fee of $97 and access is limited to 2 weeks in order to encourage taking action. Results are promised quickly, with some students implementing the strategies in just 5 days.


  • Learn cutting edge PPC strategies designed for current Amazon environment
  • Take control of PPC, organic rank and profitability
  • Implement strategies that are 100% TOS compliant and scalable
  • Boost organic profits, rise above competitors, reduce PPC maintenance
  • Achieve successful launches with compliant strategies
  • Get 1-on-1 support from expert Titan Network coaches

Ideal Student

The Titan Network PPC Mastery Challenge is designed for ambitious Amazon sellers who want to scale their business and take it to the next level.

It requires an investment of both time and money, so is best suited to sellers who are committed to implementing what they learn. The limited 2 week access encourages focus and priority for busy sellers.

Sellers who rely heavily on PPC for their business and want more profitable, low maintenance campaigns will get a lot of value from the course strategies and coaching.

Detailed Review

Course Creators

The Titan Network – 5 Day Amazon PPC Mastery Challenge course was created by expert Amazon sellers from the Titan Network coaching community.

Dan Ashburn is the CEO and Co-Founder of Titan Network. He has over 17 years experience in online marketing and ecommerce. Dan is also co-founder of Seller Events and a speaker and advisor in the Amazon space.

Athena Severi is Co-Founder of Titan Network and China Magic. She creates masterminds and events for entrepreneurs and has helped thousands of sellers scale their Amazon businesses.

They are joined by other successful sellers from the Titan Network, including:

  • Justin Dyson – Former 7 figure Amazon seller, now scaling new brands
  • Brendan Pettit – 7 figure Amazon seller and Titan Network leader

Course Breakdown

The Titan Network PPC Mastery Challenge is broken down into 5 core modules:

Module 1 – Keyword Research

Focuses on building a strong keyword research foundation so PPC campaigns deliver results from day 1.

Strategies include:

  • Targeting highly relevant, sustainable keywords
  • Eliminating bloated campaign structures
  • Getting rid of multiple match types and placements

Module 2 – Campaign Structure

Covers setting up optimized campaigns that require minimal maintenance while performing at an elite level.

Topics include:

  • Low maintenance “set and forget” structure
  • Transitioning from outdated structures prone to issues

Module 3 – Transitioning Campaigns

Walkthrough of transitioning existing campaigns to the new optimized structure safely and profitably.

Guidance on:

  • Making changes without losing rank or sales
  • Using the “10% rule” to control rank

Module 4 – Placement and ACoS Control

Redefining how to leverage PPC for overall business growth and profits.

Focuses on:

  • PPC role in sales growth strategy
  • Using ACoS within success metrics
  • Optimizing via trend analysis

Module 5 – Scaling Campaigns

Methods for sustainably scaling up profitable PPC campaigns without maintenance overload.

Plus bonus training on:

  • Launching products with 100% compliant PPC
  • Achieving #1 New Release with launches

Delivery Format

The course was originally delivered as a live 5 day challenge workshop.

It has now been adapted into an on-demand online course with coaching support.

The 5 modules are broken into 1-2 hour long pre-recorded trainings that learners can access at their own pace.

There are also implementation exercises and worksheets for applying the strategies directly to your business.

To replace the community element, learners are assigned a dedicated Success Coach for one-on-one guidance and accountability as they progress through the course.

Coaches provide support via messages and video calls within the platform.


The Titan Network – 5 Day Amazon PPC Mastery Challenge costs a one-time fee of $97 to enroll.

Access to the course materials is then limited to 2 weeks from the enrollment date.

This is structured intentionally to encourage focus and rapid implementation. With guidance from the Success Coaches, 2 weeks is seen as sufficient time to implement the core strategies.

For ambitious Amazon sellers investing in business growth, the $97 price tag represents excellent value when compared to the revenue potential of optimized PPC campaigns. Even a small improvement could lead to many times return on investment.

Who Is It For?

This course is primarily aimed at established Amazon sellers looking to take their business to the next level by optimizing their PPC strategy.

It is best suited to sellers who:

  • Rely heavily on PPC traffic for their business
  • Want to scale revenues and enter new growth phases
  • Need to restructure outdated campaigns that are underperforming
  • Desire more profitability from their PPC ad spend
  • Have ambitions to hit 7 or 8 figure revenues on Amazon

Due to the limited access period, it works well for busy sellers who will prioritize implementing the training into their business.

The course investment of $97 also indicates it is targeted at professional sellers, rather than complete beginners looking for introductory training.

What You Will Learn

By the end of the course, successful students will have:

  • A completely optimized PPC campaign structure tailored for the current Amazon environment
  • The ability to control and boost organic rank with compliant strategies
  • Greater profit margins through lower ACoS and higher ROI
  • Rapid but sustainable growth from scaling campaigns correctly
  • An industry-leading launch blueprint for maximizing new product success
  • The skills to manage PPC in-house without relying on agencies
  • More free time due to minimal PPC maintenance

These results are achieved through implementing the proven frameworks and strategies delivered in the course modules.

Support and Coaching

A key benefit of the course is the dedicated 1-on-1 coaching learners receive from Titan Network experts.

Each student is assigned their own Success Coach who guides them through the modules and is on hand to answer questions via messaging and video calls.

The coaches come from the Titan Network team and have extensive experience building successful brands on Amazon.

This support can help unblock progress, provide accountability, and ensure students fully implement what they learn.

For ambitious sellers, working with a coach exponentially increases the results achieved from the course.

Why It Works

There are several factors that make this an effective and worthwhile course:

  • Cutting edge – The PPC strategies go beyond most dated, generic training
  • Practical – Designed for quick implementation with measurable results
  • Coaching – 1-on-1 guidance accelerates success and troubleshooting
  • TOS compliance – Ensures longevity and scalability of the tactics
  • Foundations – Establishes core skills for long term PPC success
  • Community – Built by reputable Titan Network with proven results

Customer reviews consistently praise the practical nature of the training, combined with the high level of support received.


There are a couple of potential limitations to consider:

  • The 2 week access window is relatively short if students are unable to fully engage in those 2 weeks. However, focused implementation is encouraged.
  • As a digital product, some students may prefer an in-person workshop for the group accountability. However, coaches provide accountability.
  • It focuses specifically on PPC and does not cover other areas of seller education. But it excels at its PPC niche.

Who Are Titan Network?

The Titan Network is an established coaching community for Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs.

They have helped thousands of students grow to 7 and even 8 figure revenues on Amazon through their training programs.

It was co-founded by Dan Ashburn and Athena Severi who are both influential experts in the Amazon seller space.

Their team of coaches includes successful Amazon sellers, allowing them to provide practical real-world advice.

The network offers paid training products and memberships, with a focus on community, mindset and business scaling.

Course Creator Backgrounds

Dan Ashburn is the CEO and Co-Founder of Titan Network, with an extensive background in ecommerce, marketing and business coaching.

His key credentials and experience include:

  • 17+ years in online marketing and ecommerce
  • International speaker and advisor in the Amazon space
  • Leader and coach in multiple 8-figure Amazon brands
  • Co-founder of Seller Events and China Magic
  • Featured in publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur

Athena Severi is Co-Founder of Titan Network and China Magic. Her expertise lies in creating transformational experiences and events for entrepreneurs.

Her key background includes:

  • Organizes high level masterminds for 7-8 figure entrepreneurs
  • Specializes in accelerating profitability and freedom
  • Has helped thousands of sellers scale their revenues
  • Built extensive global network of elite entrepreneurs
  • 17+ years supporting conscious businesses

They are partnered by other successful sellers from Titan Network like Justin Dyson who sold his 7 figure Amazon brand for a multi-million dollar exit.

This demonstrates the real-world experience and credibility of the creators.

Customer Reviews

The course has overwhelmingly positive reviews from past students who have gone through the training.

Here are some examples of feedback:

“Our business has literally tripled in size since joining Titan Network and implementing their trainings.”

“I’ve been blown away with the amount of support and information provided by Titan Network.”

“In 5 days, I’ve learned more than the last 10 Amazon courses I’ve bought into.”

“Titan has given me the ability to completely customize and source a product that doesn’t exist yet in the market.”

“I doubled my sales within a week with the PPC training.”

The reviews highlight the practical nature of the training, combined with the high level of community support.

Students report major business growth, lower PPC costs and optimized processes after applying what they learned.

Final Recommendation

The Titan Network – 5 Day Amazon PPC Mastery Challenge is a highly recommended course for ambitious Amazon sellers looking to take their business to the next level.


  • Complete overhaul and optimization of your PPC campaigns
  • 1-on-1 coaching improves results
  • Cutting edge strategies designed for 2023 landscape
  • Delivered by experts who scale brands to 8 figures
  • Accountability and implementation focused
  • Improves profitability and organic rank


  • Short 2 week access window
  • Focused specifically on PPC
  • Requires time investment to implement
  • Digital format lacks in-person elements

For sellers heavily reliant on PPC, this course provides incredibly high value and ROI. Even small optimizations can lead to thousands in increased profits and costs savings.

The overarching frameworks, combined with individualized coaching, can give sellers a significant competitive advantage.

If you have the desire to scale your revenues and take your Amazon business to the next level, the Titan Network PPC Mastery Challenge is a proven shortcut for getting there faster. The $97 investment is negligible compared to the potential upside.

Overall this course provides the strategies, support and accountability for established Amazon sellers to dominate on PPC and achieve rapid, sustainable growth in 2023 and beyond.

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Titan Network 5 Day Amazon PPC Mastery Challenge
Titan Network - 5 Day Amazon PPC Mastery Challenge

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