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The Real World – AI Copywriting

The Real World’s AI Copywriting course teaches how to leverage artificial intelligence tools to quickly and efficiently generate high-converting marketing copy. Through video lessons, templates, and live coaching, the comprehensive training aims to take students from beginner to pro in applying this revolutionary new skill.

The Real World – AI Copywriting Course Summary

The Real World is an online education platform that teaches various money-making skills through video courses and live coaching sessions. One of their newest course offerings is AI Copywriting.

What is AI Copywriting?

AI copywriting utilizes artificial intelligence technology to generate marketing copy and content. The AI is fed vast amounts of data including successful sales letters, advertisements, emails, and more to learn what makes effective copy. It can then generate new copy in seconds once given some simple prompts and guidelines.

Benefits of AI copywriting:

  • Create copy extremely fast – in seconds rather than hours or days
  • Generate countless variations of copy for split testing
  • Available 24/7 to turn out new copy on demand
  • Improves over time as it consumes more data

What You Will Learn

The AI Copywriting course teaches you how to utilize these advanced AI tools to efficiently create quality copy for your business or clients.

Some key topics covered:

  • Overview of current AI copywriting tools – Examples, capabilities, limitations
  • How to format effective prompts – Learn approaches to inputting the right prompts and instructions to get great AI output.
  • Curating and refining AI output – While AI can generate copy quickly, it still requires a human eye to refine and optimize it. This course teaches you how to take the AI rough draft and polish it into a final masterpiece.
  • Workflows for efficiency – How to set up effective systems to pump out copious high-converting sales and marketing copy on autopilot.
  • Persuasive writing foundations – Grounding in the psychology and formats of persuasive copy so you can provide the AI with what it needs and makerefinements.
  • Guest lectures from AI copywriting experts – Learn from those using it in the real world.

The course provides templates, swipe files, tools, and more to help students quickly become proficient with this revolutionary new skill.

Who Teaches the Course?

The course instructor is copywriting expert John Herring. John has been writing copy for over a decade, specializing in long-form sales letters and VSLs. He has generated over $300 million in revenue for his clients.

Now, John mainly utilizes AI tools to compose draft copy which he then refines and finalizes. He’s seen firsthand how AI can make copywriting easier and more efficient than ever before.

Guest lecturers provide additional perspectives from copywriting pros using AI regularly in their businesses.

What’s Included with the Course?

The AI Copywriting course aims to provide every resource you need to master this skill quickly. Here’s an overview of what’s included:

  • 12 Video Modules – Core trainings detail every aspect of leveraging AI for copywriting success.
  • Live Coaching Calls – Weekly live Q&A sessions with John provide personalized guidance.
  • Copywriting AI Tool Kit – Swipe files, templates, prompts, and checklists to use the tools effectively.
  • Private Community Access – Connect with other students and provide support.
  • Exclusive Discounts & Free Trials – Get special access to top copywriting AI tools.
  • Real Copy Examples – See before and after samples of AI versus human-written copy.
  • Future Updates – The training is constantly improved as AI capabilities evolve.

The comprehensive course curriculum, live coaching, and community access aim to take you from beginner to pro in utilizing AI for copywriting.

Who is the Course For?

The AI Copywriting course is designed for:

  • Marketers – Use AI to efficiently churn out copy for campaigns and funnels.
  • Entrepreneurs – Quickly create product descriptions, ads, emails, and other copy for your business.
  • Freelance Copywriters – Utilize AI to increase productivity and profits.
  • Agencies – Service more clients and scale your copywriting services.
  • Content Creators – Generate blog posts, social media captions, video scripts, and other content faster.

No copywriting experience is required to take the course. The foundations are covered to get you up to speed. Basic computer skills are necessary to access the course materials and AI tools.

The course is best suited for those looking to utilize AI to increase speed and efficiency of producing quality marketing copy.

Course Curriculum

Below is an overview of the lessons and key topics included in the course:

Module 1 – Introduction to AI Copywriting

  • What is AI copywriting?
  • Evolution of the technology
  • Benefits and use cases
  • Limitations and expectations

Module 2 – AI Copywriting Tools Landscape

  • Top tools on the market
  • Feature comparisons
  • FREE vs paid options
  • Integrations and APIs

Module 3 – Getting Set Up with AI Tools

  • Signing up and settings
  • Integrations
  • Prompt engineering basics

Module 4 – Unleash Your AI Assistant

  • Generating your first drafts
  • Prompt formatting tips
  • Curating and refining output
  • Developing your AI writer voice

Module 5 – Dial In Your AI Writer

  • Advanced prompt engineering
  • Guiding different styles and tones
  • Personalizing for audience and medium

Module 6 – Craft Persuasive Marketing Copy

  • Psychology of effective copy
  • Formulas for high-converting sales letters
  • Templates for AI drafts

Module 7 – Optimize Funnels & Websites

  • Product descriptions
  • Website content
  • Landing pages
  • Email sequences
  • Ad copy

Module 8 – Automated Content Production

  • Blog posts and articles
  • Social media captions
  • Video scripts
  • Podcast show notes
  • Newsletters

Module 9 – Compelling Storytelling

  • Why stories sell
  • Story frameworks
  • Character development
  • Story-based copy examples

Module 10 – Freelancing with AI Copywriting

  • Setting up a freelance copywriting business
  • Streamlining workflows with AI
  • Service offerings and pricing
  • Acquiring clients

Module 11 – Advanced Techniques and Practices

  • Split testing copy with AI
  • Additional refinements tips
  • Avoiding errors and pitfalls
  • Getting maximum ROI from tools

Module 12 – The Future of AI Copywriting

  • New developments and capabilities
  • The role of the human copywriter
  • Expanding applications and use cases
  • The sky’s the limit


The AI Copywriting Course from The Real World provides a comprehensive curriculum for leveraging artificial intelligence to produce high-quality marketing copy quickly and efficiently.

Through video training modules, live coaching, swipe files, and community access it aims to take students from beginner to pro. Those looking to utilize AI to increase income and impact as copywriters and marketers can gain much from this timely and practical course.

The automation power of artificial intelligence will only grow. This course teaches you how to harness it now to take your copywriting and content creation to the next level.

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