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Sophie Howard – Kindle Publishing Income (Group Buy)

Sophie Howard – Kindle Publishing Income course teaches how to publish ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle platform. The training covers the full process but has concerning credibility issues and high costs. Cheaper courses provide similar value, so it’s hard to recommend despite reasonably solid content. Beginners should consider more affordable options from proven instructors first.

What You Get

The Kindle Publishing Income course by Sophie Howard provides training on how to publish and sell ebooks on Amazon Kindle.

Course Contents

The core training is delivered through 12 video modules covering the entire publishing process:

  • Module 1: Introduction
    • Sophie’s background and success
    • How the Kindle publishing model works
    • Requirements to get started
    • Setting publishing goals
  • Module 2: Finding Profitable Niches and Ideas
    • Brainstorming niches
    • Keyword research to validate ideas
    • Using free tools to assess demand
    • Outsourcing writing
  • Module 3: Creating Your Book
    • Outlining chapters
    • Engaging writing tips
    • Sourcing public domain content
    • Working with freelance writers
    • Avoiding duplicate content penalties
  • Module 4: Setting Up Your Kindle Account
    • Registering for a KDP account
    • Kindle pricing strategies
    • Enrolling in KDP Select
    • Publishing checklist
  • Module 5: Formatting and Uploading
    • Required file formats
    • Formatting Word docs
    • Creating covers
    • Step-by-step uploading
  • Module 6: Launching Your Book
    • Optimizing metadata
    • Getting reviews
    • Launch price and promotions
    • First month launch checklist
  • Module 7: Long-Term Promotions
    • KDP promotions to boost rankings
    • Amazon Ads
    • Expanding to paperback and audiobooks
    • Translations for global reach
  • Module 8: Outsourcing and Scaling
    • Building a team of contractors
    • Managing freelancers
    • Automation tools
    • Avoiding duplicated content
  • Module 9: Advanced Marketing
    • PR outreach for media coverage
    • Cross-promotions
    • Optimizing recommendations
    • Refreshing old books
  • Module 10: Becoming a Bestseller
    • Tactics for hitting #1 in niches
    • Planning launches with promotions
    • Achieving Amazon All-Star bonuses
    • Long-term brand building
  • Module 11: Avoiding Pitfalls
    • Managing bad reviews
    • Checking for plagiarism
    • Avoiding account suspensions
    • Taxes on royalties
  • Module 12: Next Level Growth
    • Expanding your catalog
    • Moving into new niches
    • Building a publishing team and business
    • Exit strategies for selling


Additional bonuses included with the course:

  • Facebook Group: Community of 500+ members for support and tips
  • Monthly Coaching Calls: Live Q&A calls with Sophie
  • Outsourcing Contacts: Recommended freelancers for services
  • Software Tools: Niche research and book creation discounts
  • Fast Start Guides: Sourcing public domain content quickly

The bonuses provide valuable real-world resources, especially for publishing beginners.

Overall, the course covers the end-to-end Kindle publishing process in detail. The content provides a solid framework, although the credibility of the instructor is questionable. It’s an expensive program compared to similar training, so cheaper alternatives may offer better value.

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