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Smartmarketer - YouTube Kickstart Blueprint

Smart marketer – YouTube Kickstart Blueprint

The Smart marketer – YouTube Kickstart Blueprint course focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of your ads on the YouTube platform. It teaches you how to create and optimize ads that resonate with your target audience, increase conversions, and lower costs per acquisition. The course emphasizes the importance of using video ads tailored specifically for YouTube, as image ads may not perform as well. It covers essential creative elements for YouTube ads, including the use of visually compelling videos, capturing attention in the first 5 seconds, and conveying key messages through text overlays. The course also delves into targeting the right audience and selecting the appropriate ad type, with a focus on in-stream ads that play before and during videos. By following the strategies and techniques taught in this course, you’ll be able to enhance your YouTube advertising campaigns and achieve better results in terms of audience engagement and conversion rates.

Smart marketer – YouTube Kickstart Blueprint

You might be saying, “Use your Facebook ads? That’s obvious!” or “I tried that but it didn’t work for me!”, and that’s because you can’t use any ad; it has to be the right ad.
– Is it a video ad? Sorry, but I have to ask. This is a video streaming platform, and even your best image ads will fail on YouTube.
– Is the ad hitting your CPA? We want to start with a successful ad, and a good marker of this is your cost per acquisition.
– Are you running the ad at a high sales volume? We don’t want a campaign that you just turned on, even if it’s hitting your CPA. High sales volume indicates that your ad is resonating with a large audience — this completes the package.

When I’m deciding which Facebook ads to use and how to optimize them, I focus on these creative elements that are working on YouTube right now:
1. The video has to do all the work.
Unlike Facebook, YouTube ads don’t have text above them, so everything from your hook to your call to action must be represented visually.
To optimize your Facebook video, take the information in the copy and include it in the video as text overlays. (And make sure your video has a strong CTA!

2. Nail the first 5 seconds.
On Facebook feeds, people can scroll right past your ad if they want to. But on YouTube, viewers have to watch 5 seconds of your ad before they can skip ahead to their cat video.
Use this time wisely! Start “high” with something exciting that will grab their attention.

3. Speak Directly to Your Ideal Customer
It’s not enough to get people’s attention — it has to be the right people.
On Facebook you pay for any impression no matter how brief, but on YouTube you only pay if someone watches for 30 seconds. (That’s right! More on this in the next section.)
That gives you time to connect with your ideal customers, filter out everyone else and lower your CPC.

These are in-stream ads that appear before and during videos, and here are 2 great things about them:
– People must watch 5 seconds of the ad before they can skip to their video. That gives you a chance to hook them so

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Smart marketer - YouTube Kickstart Blueprint

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