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Simon Wood - Conversio Super Affiliate Bots

Simon Wood – Conversio Super Affiliate Bots

The Simon Wood – Conversio Super Affiliate Bots course is designed to help individuals generate targeted traffic to their affiliate offers and build a responsive email list. The course provides comprehensive training on proven traffic sources that deliver consistent leads and sales. Participants will learn how to drive traffic from reliable sources, both free and paid, using step-by-step instructions. The course also includes ongoing updates on new and lucrative traffic strategies as they are tested and proven successful. Additionally, participants will receive access to a collection of done-for-you lead magnets across various affiliate categories, enabling them to quickly and effectively grow their email list. By mastering traffic generation and utilizing powerful lead magnets, participants will have the tools and knowledge to drive targeted traffic, capture leads, and boost their affiliate marketing success.

Simon Wood – Conversio Super Affiliate Bots

What You Get:

“Watch Over My Shoulder” Video Training

– 3 hours of video training broken down into bite-sized chunks, in which I break down all 3 steps, click-by-click so that you can be up and running, making money on the same day.
Secret, Cheap & High Quality Traffic Sources Proven To Churn Out Leads & Sales

– After investing well over 7 figures testing all types of traffic, I share our most reliable and proven sources so that you can profit consistently from them every single day.
– Step-by-step training on how you can instantly drive traffic from profitable sources to affiliate offers in a few clicks.
– Discover hot, new, lucrative traffic strategies (free and paid traffic) as we continue to test new sources, and reveal our winners.
Now, any time you want to switch on reliable traffic to promote a new offer, you’ll dive in headfirst without even giving it a second thought.
That’s because you know that in just a few clicks, you’re able to exploit a proven traffic source that other affiliates will struggle to find.
Bonus: Done-For-You Lead Magnets

– The most effective way to ask for someone to join your list is to give them something of value. For example an ebook or a bonus product relating to the offer you’re promoting. This is known as a “lead magnet”.
– The fastest way to grow a list of email subscribers is to use A.I. Bots to give away high-value, lead magnets through intelligent conversation.
– You’ll get unlimited access to our best-performing lead magnets for all the major affiliate categories so you can grow your email list faster than you thought possible.
Whenever you want to grow a list in an industry like make money, health, self help, dog training, languages, green energy, or any other major niche, you’ll be able to add a done-for-you lead magnet to your bots in just a few clicks.

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Simon Wood - Conversio Super Affiliate Bots

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