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Ryan Lee – Momentum

Ryan Lee – Momentum

Ryan Lee – Momentum course, you will learn how to make your videos stand out with compelling content, branding, and hooks. You will discover a “secret” tool to research the perfect niche and learn how to set up your YouTube account effectively. The course also guides you on turning your videos into list-building tools, setting up a budget-friendly studio, creating captivating video hooks and stories, and planning your video uploads. You will learn how to avoid common mistakes that result in fewer views and understand the key element YouTube looks for in videos. Additionally, the course provides tips on quick video editing using free software, determining the optimal video length, and improving your video view rate. You will also learn techniques for crafting attention-grabbing titles and thumbnails. The course helps you overcome shyness or nervousness in front of the camera and shows you how to generate leads organically without resorting to cold messaging.

Ryan Lee – Momentum

What You Learn:

  • How to stand out with your videos, brand and hooks
  • The “secret” tool to research the perfect niche
  • Setting up your account the right way
  • How to turn your videos into automatic list-builders
  • How to create the ultimate studio “on a budget”
  • How to come up with great video hooks and stories to keep them engaged
  • Your ultimate video planning guide (when to upload, schedule and more!)
  • How to avoid the BIG mistakes leading to less views
  • The #1 thing YouTube wants in your video – and why most get this wrong
  • The simple way to edit your videos in just a few minutes (including using FREE editing software)
  • The perfect length told to me by my friend generating over $250K per month in passive income
  • After the first week, you’ll be ready to rock…
  • How to DOUBLE your video view rate by avoiding this common word
  • How to pick kickass titles (like how creator
  • How to create thumbnails that grab ’em by the throat (in a good way!)
  • How to be great on camera – even if you’re a little shy or nervous
  • Say goodbye to “cold messaging” as you’ll get leads for free without lifting a finger

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Ryan Lee Momentum
Ryan Lee – Momentum

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