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Rhodes Brothers – Trend Surfer AI (Group Buy)

Trend Surfer AI course is about “Trend Surfing” in the world of trading and investing. It teaches you how to set up a brokerage account, use Trend Surfer A.I. for trading, manage your trades, and even offers bonuses such as trade indicators and tracking tools.

Rhodes Brothers – Trend Surfer AI

• The Trend Surfer’s Daily Routine

• First Time Brokerage Account Setup

• Copy-and-Paste Trend Surfing Setup

• Choosing How You Should Trade

• How Trend Surfer A.I. Works For You

• Enter & Exit Your Trend Surfer Trades

• How To Test Trend Surfer A.I. Risk Free

• BONUS #1: Copy-and-Paste A.I. Trade Indicators for ThinkOrSwim

• BONUS #2: Trend Surfer A.I. Daily Tracking Spreadsheet

• BONUS #3: Million Dollar Backtests, 6 Trade-By-Trade Reports

• BONUS #4: How To Automate Your Trades On 100% Autopilot

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