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Rachel Pedersen - Youtube Academy

Rachel Pedersen – Youtube Academy

This “Rachel Pedersen – Youtube Academy” course provides comprehensive training and strategies for creating and marketing successful YouTube videos. It covers various aspects such as filming, editing, market research, channel optimization, video titles, YouTube marketing to sales blueprint, swipe files, hiring video editors, crafting hooks, video structure, lead generation, advanced marketing hacks, and more. The course aims to help YouTubers maximize their chances of success and attract their ideal audience while saving time and implementing proven techniques.

Rachel Pedersen – Youtube Academy

What You Get:

  • YouTube Filming and Editing A-Z: my powerful workflows allow me to create YouTube videos in 1/10th the time.
  • YouTube Market Research Accelerator: I’ll teach you my exact frameworks and process for researching YouTube videos – so your videos attract your ideal audience every time
  • Channel Tag Secrets: How to model success with your channel tags/keywords and video tags/keywords – so your videos reach the right people.
  • The Perfect YouTube Marketing to Sales Blueprint: Everything you need to create your YouTube strategy – to success… Best way to maximize your chances of success.
  • ​52 Plug and Play YouTube Video Titles: researched and optimized – to support your amazing videos’ performance from day 1
  • ​Juicy, Top-Performing Swipe Files: From YouTube end cards to thumbnails, this will help you save time as you model success – instead of re-inventing the wheel each time.
  • ​Hiring YouTube Video Editor SOP, Guide, and Training: My complete process – How I consistently find, train and empower YT video editor talent for $30-$50 per long video instead of $100-$500.
  • ​Hook ‘Em In: Copy & Paste, Plug & Play expertly crafted hooks that will instantly boost your reach and/or views.
  • ​The Perfect YouTube Video Structure: skip the guesswork, and follow this framework to build know, like, and trust with each video.
  • My Lead Generating YouTube Bio Template: I’m sharing the exact bio template we use to generate THOUSANDS of leads (the leads that are most likely to convert to buyers.
  • ​Advanced Marketing Hacks: I’ve tested thousands of strategies and hacks – to see what attracts eyeballs, leads, and sales. In this module I’m sharing exactly what works BEST to take content creation to the next level!

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Rachel Pedersen Youtube Academy
Rachel Pedersen - Youtube Academy

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