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Private Wealth Academy – Elite Tax Secrets

Private Wealth Academy – Elite Tax Secrets

Private Wealth Academy – Elite Tax Secrets course is about tax strategies and techniques that claim to reveal hidden truths and secrets about the tax system. It suggests that taxes are voluntary and provides information on how to “opt out” of taxes and claim redemption from income tax. The course promises to teach participants the tax secrets used by the elite to exempt themselves from taxes. However, it’s important to note that the claim that taxes are voluntary is not accurate according to the current understanding of tax law. The category of this course could be classified as “Tax Strategies” or “Personal Finance.”

Private Wealth Academy – Elite Tax Secrets

What You Get:


Taxes…. It’s a pain we all have to live with, right? WRONG! Contrary to popular belief, taxes are a voluntary system. Did you catch that? VOLUNTARY.
Even Steve Miller, former Director of the IRS, went on record at a Congressional hearing and stated that the tax system implemented by the IRS is not mandatory — but a voluntary system.
Learn The “Naked Truth” That Has Been Hidden In Plain Sight

To be honest, the method is so simple – it’ll quite likely take a few weeks to get over the insanity of how “in front of your face” the truth has been! That is their motto “hidden in plain sight.” There is no grand conspiracy regarding how the tax system works, it’s just hidden in 50,000+ of tax code and court rulings. That’s why the Internal Revenue Service has a list of 50+ Frivolous Arguments – because they are so tired of explaining their code. But there is ONE POSITION and it’s redemption is secured by Supreme Court rulings since the early 1800’s.
Even if you have a “J.O.B.” that takes out SSI and Withholding Taxes, there is an answer for you! In fact, there are only FOUR TIMES you are required to have a Social Security Number: 1) to obtain a driver’s license, 2) to register a vehicle, 3) for tax matters, 4) to obtain public assistance. Learn how to opt out forever!
But… how is this done? We’ll show you how inside Elite Tax Secrets!
You will be guided on how to claim your “REDEMPTION” from the taxable event known as the “income tax”. Best of all, you’ll have the TRUTH and can spread it like wildfire to others (it’s really that easy to learn)!

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Private Wealth Academy – Elite Tax Secrets

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