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Peter Tzemis – Conversion Cinematics

Peter Tzemis – Conversion Cinematics course teaches 41 visual split test strategies, proven by over 100M in sales, to beat any control and scale your business. The 7 modules cover VSLs, ads, landing pages, checkouts, emails, and branding. Bonuses include interviews with top marketers and a swipe file. This course provides the tools to optimize and scale your marketing without changing copy.

What You Get

The course teaches you 41 visual split test strategies to beat any control and scale your business, proven by over 100M+/year in sales.

It’s broken down into 7 modules:

Module 1: VSL & Webinar Conversion Cinematics

This module teaches you:

  • 22 conversion cinematic elements to scale your business to 1, 2, even 10M a month
  • How to get a 110% boost from your VSL without changing the copy
  • The exact frequency to add b-roll, jump cuts, and transitions
  • When to use high-quality vs iPhone footage
  • How to use “tailored omission” to influence buying emotions
  • TikTok swipes to boost CVR 22% overnight
  • Choosing the right spokesperson
  • Alpha Videos – what they are and how they increase conversions 23%+

Module 2: YT & FB Ads Conversion Cinematics

In this module you’ll learn:

  • 22 proven conversion cinematics for winning FB and YT ads
  • How to prime your reader with emotional power punches
  • The 4 horsemen of YT to extend ad life 1000%
  • When and how to use timers in ads
  • Clickbait intro strategies to turn 1 ad into 50 creatives

Module 3: TSLs, Landing Pages, Ecom, Upsells

Discover 19 conversion cinematics for:

  • Ecom, Shopify, long form sales pages
  • Transforming dull sentences into action-packed sequences
  • Creating a “limbic brain ecom design” to get instant “yes”
  • Using colors correctly for each niche
  • Crafting winning offer structures
  • Designing high-converting buy boxes

Module 4: Checkout Pages and More

Learn how to maximize checkout, thank you, and password pages, including:

  • The #1 checkout mistake that tanks conversions
  • When to use 1-step vs 2-step checkout flows
  • How to create profitable order bumps
  • 11 checkout page elements for maximum AOV and CVR

Module 5: Emails

Optimize your email marketing with strategies like:

  • Font sizing for email CTAs
  • 1 split test to boost revenue 40%
  • Clicky image creation
  • Ideal number of links for deliverability
  • Getting out of the spam folder

Module 6: Branding & Labels

Master conversion-based branding and learn:

  • Product naming strategies for loyal buyers
  • The best “conversion colors” for your niche
  • Case studies of 7 brands using cinematics for higher CVR and AOV

The course also includes 5 bonuses like interviews with top marketers and a swipe file.

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Peter Tzemis Conversion Cinematics
Peter Tzemis – Conversion Cinematics

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