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Peter Kell – VSL Masterclass

Peter Kell – VSL Masterclass

Peter Kell – VSL Masterclass course is about mastering the art of creating persuasive Video Sales Letters (VSLs) and leveraging them to achieve business success. It is divided into several modules that cover various aspects of mindset, strategy, branding, script writing, and more. The course provides techniques and insights to help participants overcome limiting beliefs, manifest their dreams, identify profitable opportunities, build brands, select winning offers, maximize Average Order Value (AOV), and write compelling VSL scripts. It also delves into partnering with authority figures, leveraging storytelling, and complying with advertising platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Peter Kell – VSL Masterclass

What You Get:

Module 1Mastering Mindset

Your journey begins with the internal deep dive, because for me, it’s not really about making VSLs. It’s about creating the most amazing life I could ever imagine. If I could wave a magic wand and create the most amazing, best case scenario for my life, what would that look like?
Is it giving a quarter million dollars to my parents to change their lives? Is it buying a Lamborghini Hurracane and driving up to Veil Colorado every weekend to go snowboarding with my friends? Is it travelling around the world for two years, making six or seven figures a year and doing nothing but one phone call a week?
Before we deep dive into your business, the first thing we do is deep dive into your life. In this module, we’re gonna uncover your dreams. And Implant them deep into your subconscious mind.

  • The exact psychological process I use to smash my own limiting beliefs

This helps to take this vision of yours and plant it deep into your subconscious mind.. Warning: this is so powerful that you may see huge shifts in other areas of your life as a result…

  • The secret “Neville Goddard” manifestation technique

you’ve never heard of (which rewires your brain on a subconscious level) – and why this one trick has generated every single win I’ve ever had in my life…

  • The hidden “money blocks” you likely have in your subconscious

Until I rooted these out, making millions was a pipe dream. BUT you become unstoppable once these are replaced with winning beliefs…

Module 2The Road To The Top

Module two is about the road to the top. This is about making sure you are playing the right game. So many affiliates, drop shippers & agency owners get into this business knowing that they’re not gonna do this forever, but never make the change to what they’re supposed to be doing.
Affiliates have their campaigns ripped over and over again. Dropshippers get stuck on the hamster wheel that never ends – burning campaign after campaign. Agency owners keep making other people rich.
This is the part where I show you all the other life-changing opportunities that are out there with VSLs.

  • Why building a brand is simpler than you think

As an affiliate, dropshipper, or agency owner – I’ll show you how to build a brand you are 100% in control of (and that customers love buying from again & again…)

  • How to use my “VSL pitch” framework to close insane deals

I’ll show you a recording of the exact sales pitch I made to the founders of an up and coming startup in exchange for $125,000 worth of tokens and $25,000 worth of cash. (This is an incredible way to plant seeds in potential investment opportunities that could pay off huge in your future)

  • The HUGE blue ocean opportunity in Amazon FBA

Right now, there’s a massive opportunity to acquire or partner with Amazon only brands who have no idea how to do direct response campaigns. Helping increase their exit multiple from 3x to 10x by adding Facebook & Youtube revenue channels. (This is the same kind of deal I did with Mindvalley to come in and earn millions of dollars worth of equity and get residual income on the VSLs that we created for them.)

Module 3 & 4Quick Start Guide & VSL Strategy

Through breaking down my exact & repeatable process, I’ll show you all the tools & techniques I’ve created over the years to make writing world-class VSLs stupidly simple.

  • How to select a “winning offer” with nuclear potential

I’ll walk you through exactly how I choose the best offers with the greatest upside potential on the planet

  • The VSL FLow Bible

which is a complete breakdown of 18 of the biggest VSLs on the internet today. So you can see the exact step-by-step formula they use to “GTM”, aka….“get the money”. The VSL flow Bible is like a simple treasure map you can use as the foundation of your next VSL campaign.

  • Partnering with authority figures & celebrity spokes people

This is the real secret to mass market influence. Breakthrough the noise and make your message worth listening too by having it come from someone worth listening to. In this session you’ll uncover exactly how we do it and what deals to strike.

  • The hidden secrets to maximizing AOV

When I first started with my own brand, I thought AOV was all about upsells, upsells, upsells. But the truth is, it’s about what you say to them before they buy. Here’s I’ll show my own life changing revolution that took my prospects from “buying the least amount they can”, to “buying the most amount they can”.

  • Wrapping it all in a “storytelling trances”

How to use story to put your prospect into a trance that sneak past your prospect’s subconscious walls and plant seed after seed to create in their own mind the feeling that they’re gonna buy this product today…

  • Mastering Unique Mechanisms

You know that part where somebody says, “yeah, I’ll buy that.” That’s unique mechanisms. The exact moment when your prospect, who feels like they’re trapped in a dark cave with no hope and no way out, suddenly sees the light in the tunnel… Master this principle to become the “Bleeding Edge” brand in your field. And stay ahead of the trends.

Module 5VSL Script Writing

Next, it’s time to produce a gangster VSL script. I have handed this process to b-level copywriters and they’ve used it to write some of the biggest campaigns in the world.

  • The exact process I use to turn any b-level copywriter into a world-class weapon

Writing a VSL is like climbing Mount Everest. Even if you’re one of the best climbers in the world, if you don’t have a proven map to the top, you’re going to die. Yet suddenly once you have that plan, and a guide to take you there, and b-Level Climber can reach the summit. The same is true in copywriting. When you use this proven process you create a rock solid plan any b-Level copywriter can execute.

  • The Kindergarten Simple Pitch

How to craft a message that’s simple and easy to understand so the entire world can “get it”. When advertisers fail to apply this, they create campaigns that don’t scale because people can’t understand what they’re trying to say…

  • The VSL God Process

An easy step-by-step interview process that will pull out the story of any authority figure so you can write a script in their own words. I discovered this after interviewing DOZENS of Mindvalley authors & blowing their minds. Many said it was the first time THEY had ever even heard their story told in such a captivating way.

  • The secret “Lead Bible” aka the best video ads from the last 10 years

so you can keep your campaigns running for months & years (and how to start pumping out a new world-class lead every 10 minutes)

  • Why you don’t need to be an expert at all in your market

(plus how to find and partner with authority figures or celebrities who can sell) and leverage their credibility to build a brand – I’ve went from $0 to generated $4M per month by month 3 using this method alone…

  • The Ultimate AOV Close

(and how it helped us build an 8-figure empire) – and why this is one of the most critical components of scaling your offer.

  • How to write FB & YT Compliant scripts

Believe it or not, if you get banned all the time, there is a way out. It used to happen to me too until we learned the secret, until we understood exactly what Facebook and Google are looking for. Then suddenly we got reps. We got people who could help us when problems occurred, which meant we were able to start scaling…

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Peter Kell – VSL Masterclass
Peter Kell – VSL Masterclass

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