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Perry Belcher – Email Stacking Formula

Perry Belcher – Email Stacking Formula course offers comprehensive email marketing strategies to boost engagement and conversion rates. Learn the “ONE SCREEN method” to recover over 60% of opt-ins, a “Sneaky Little Image” trick to double email CTR, and a “Bleeding Lead” strategy for higher open rates. Discover tactics like “Statically Automate” auto responders, embedding “Trigger Point Data,” and using “Pre-Suasion Emogis.” Bonus materials include access to virtual events and valuable email mastery cheat sheets. Category: Email Marketing Mastery.

Perry Belcher – Email Stacking Formula

What You Get:

  • The critical “ONE SCREEN method” of getting your opt-ins back over 60% even with bad copy.
  • The “Sneaky Little Image” trick that you can make on the push that DOUBLES CTR on any email.
  • The Gauntlet “Pre-Launch” Strategy that 5X’ed an OLD knife promotion for us in re-launch.
  • The “Bleeding Lead” strategy that increases open rates one even boring mails by 200-300% (Used by Fox and CNN daily).
  • The “Opinionater” Our HIGHEST click through method that typically delivers over 50% CTR’s and seems to NEVER stop working.
  • How to “Statically Automate” auto responders in every form of occasions that you use so that your business is truly running on autopilot.
  • Discover how to embed “Trigger Point Data” in all your landing pages, emails, bot conversations, retargeting sequences, SMS and push notifications that act like little homing devices to being a continual flood of buyers right to your door.
  • How to use “Pre-Suasion Emogis” with VERY specific intent to condition the reader to buy even BEFORE they open your email. Robert Cialdini PERSONALLY taught me this over a lunch in Newport (Brilliant).
  • The Perfect “Communication Stitching” system to fire a different message through a different barrel every day that still supports one message and one action…
  • Bonus One: Virtual Event Access
  • Bonus Two: Laminated Email Mastery Cheat Sheets
  • Bonus Three: Email Re-Engagement Template
  • Bonus Four: Email Inboxing Checklist
  • Bonus Five: Email Opens Checklist
  • Bonus Six: Maximum Clicks Checklist
  • Bonus Seven: Email Formatting Checklist
  • Bonus Eight: Email Time and Day Map

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Perry Belcher – Email Stacking Formula
Perry Belcher – Email Stacking Formula

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