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Paul Xavier – 30-Day Content Strategist

Paul Xavier – 30-Day Content Strategist

Paul Xavier – 30-Day Content Strategist course is focused on content strategy and is designed to help individuals become successful content strategists and generate a substantial income. The course promises to teach step-by-step systems for selling content strategy packages to business owners, with the potential to earn between $5,000 and $35,000+ per month. It covers various topics, including winning deals, outsourcing fulfillment, landing clients through targeted videos, building a focused client list, obtaining referrals, and more. The course also offers assistance in completing the first client project and provides legal contracts for protection. Additionally, it delves into using the generated income for investment and scaling purposes. The course includes insights into the instructor’s own content strategy business and grants access to a community of other content strategists.

Paul Xavier – 30-Day Content Strategist

In just 4 weeks here’s what you’ll get:

  • Guaranteed to land you your first content strategy client in 30 days
  • Proven step-by-step systems for generating $5,000 – $35,000+ per month selling content strategy packages to business owners
  • The 4-week program takes you through; the opportunity, how to win deals and outsource the fulfillment to contractors, how to land clients with laser-targeted “Bullseye Videos”, how to build a hyper-focused list, how to get referrals, and much more…
  • The EXACT process I used to start an outsourced video editing team of rockstars that edit A+ content FAST and AFFORDABLY
  • Assistance on completing the project for your first client so you don’t freak out when they send over the check and you have to actually do the work
  • Access to over $10,000 in legal contracts to protect yourself as a Content Strategist & expert training on how to use them
  • How to use the money you generate from content strategy as “Cashflow” to invest and scale your investment portfolio
  • Behind the scenes of my Content Strategy business – DNC Media. I show everything I do to execute my business including job shadows of shoots, sales call recordings, financial management, interviews with my clients, team members, and more
  • Access to a member-led community of the world’s best Content Strategists around the world doing the same thing

30-Day Content Strategist Curriculum

  • Week 1 – Millionaire Mindset
  • Week 1 – Value Creation
  • Week 1 – Content Asset EXPLAINED
  • Week 2 – Marketing Mastery
  • Week 3 – Sales Mastery
  • Week 3 – Contracts + Setting Expectations
  • Week 4 – Systemized Operations
  • Week 4 – Financial Freedom

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Paul Xavier – 30 Day Content Strategist
Paul Xavier – 30-Day Content Strategist

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