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MTA Master Trader Academy

The MTA Master Trader Academy offers an online course led by Junior Charles, aka Master Trader Jr. With 4 years of independent trading experience and 2 years of teaching, he founded this platform to educate individuals about the financial markets. Junior’s impressive track record includes attracting over 1,000 people to his free platform and guiding over 600 students through the Trading Course. In his first year, he turned a $500 trading account into $30k in profit gains and has consistently achieved multi-six figure income while helping students become six and seven-figure earners.

MTA Master Trader Academy

Online Course

Junior Charles, Master Trader Jr, has been trading independently for 4 years and been educating students for 2 years. He started a trading platform to educate people about the market. With over a 1,000 people on his free platform and over 600 taking the Trading Course and becoming a student of MTA. In  his first year of trading, Junior was able to accumulate

$30k in profit gains from only a $500 trading account.

He has mastered a way to duplicate these results throughout his 3 years of trading and accumulated a multi-six figure income, while also creating multiple 6 figure and 7 figure earners.

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MTA Master Trader Academy
MTA Master Trader Academy

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