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Morten Storgaard – Passive Income Geek

Morten Storgaard – Passive Income Geek

The “Morten Storgaard – Passive Income Geek” course focuses on teaching individuals how to build and monetize niche websites effectively. The course is divided into multiple modules, covering topics such as niche selection, topic research, finding a suitable domain name, setting up a website, writing high-quality content, search engine optimization (SEO), monetization strategies including ads, affiliate marketing, and info products, as well as social media tactics. Additionally, the course offers advanced modules that delve into outsourcing, advanced topic research, advanced monetization methods, advanced SEO techniques, and guidance on selling a website. By following the course, participants will gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to create successful niche websites and generate income from them.

Morten Storgaard – Passive Income Geek

Choosing a Good Niche

16 lessons on everything from niches to stay away from to brainstorming and evaluating great niches. 

We also look at the earning potential and I have a unique tool to help you evaluate your niche ideas.

Topic Research

Hours of over-the-shoulder videos of me finding topics to write about.

I dive very deep in this module – it’s definitely worth the full price of the course! It will save you lots of time and also help you avoid topics with too much competition for you to win.

Finding a Good Domain Name

I help you choose a strong domain name you can grow with. There’s a unique excel sheet that will help you find really strong available domain names when used together with an online tool. 

I’ve used this technique to find most of my best domains. We also go over things you should check before you register a new domain.

Setting Up Your Website

I help you get your site set up properly.

We also look at design hacks and tips to get your site designed in a way that will attract more links to your sites organically.

Writing Awesome Content

Learn to understand “search intent” and how to write for the web, so your content gets to the top of Google. 

Again, this is full of long videos to show you exactly how to create great outlines and headlines, and how to write content that attracts links organically. I also have unique tips on how to write content that does well with affiliate links and display ads.

SEO Tips

Learn to optimize for search engines. I show exactly how my sites get links without outreach and spamming people with emails.

We also look at site speed and lots of other technical SEO aspects.


We dive deep into monetization with ads, affiliate, and info products and a few more strategies.

We look at how to find the best content ideas for earning the most with each strategy.

Social Media

This is where I show you what I do on social media. My strategies for YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

It’s not necessary to create any social profiles or buzz in social media in order to follow my course.

Advanced Modules

There are also 5 full modules with 18 lessons packed with strategies for:

  • outsourcing 
  • advanced topic research
  • advanced monetization
  • advanced SEO
  • how to sell your site

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Morten Storgaard – Passive Income Geek
Morten Storgaard – Passive Income Geek

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