You are currently viewing Money Making Juggernaut – Asset Recovery Course
Money Making Juggernaut - Asset Recovery Course

Money Making Juggernaut – Asset Recovery Course

Money Making Juggernaut – Asset Recovery Coursefirst course mentioned is about Tax Overages and Mortgage Foreclosures. It covers various topics such as understanding surplus funds, finding surplus funds lists, utilizing different tools and databases, conducting due diligence, skip tracing, contacting county trustees, staying organized, dealing with multiple owners, sending mailers, filing claims, working with attorneys, and pursuing claims through different routes

The second course focuses on Unclaimed State Funds. It covers the basics of unclaimed state funds, provides useful websites, explains the filing process, includes agreement forms and cover letters, highlights specific power of attorney requirements, suggests top states to start with, provides call scripts and introductory email templates, and offers a walk-through of the state funds process.

Both courses provide comprehensive information and resources to help individuals navigate and capitalize on opportunities related to tax overages, mortgage foreclosures, and unclaimed state funds.

Money Making Juggernaut – Asset Recovery Course

1. Tax Overages/ Mortgage Foreclosures

  • What are SurplusFunds (Video)
  • What are Surplus Funds
  • Mindset and what to expect
  • What you need to get started
  • Join the Facebook group community
  • How to find list for free with google
  • How to Find Surplus Funds list continued
  • Using Excess Elite to get leads in the entire nation
  • using real auction, realTDM and county database
  • using bid4assets
  • How to email the county and get list
  • Email template to county
  • how I stay organized and find overages
  • Where should you Start?
  • 50 State Statutes guide
  • 10 Counties you can go after
  • Tax Deed vs Tax Lien auctions
  • Mortgage Foreclosure surplus 101
  • 12 Mortgage foreclosure sites
  • Due diligence
  • How to check for liens
  • Lien research
  • County/Trustee Email request
  • Staying organized with a CRM & Autodialer
  • Talking to your client on the phone and voice mail
  • Phone call script
  • Getting good at calling
  • Example on dealing with rebuttals
  • Student Mock call
  • How to Skiptrace
  • Methods of Contact
  • deceased claims
  • 3 common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Partnership Opportunity
  • What to do if there are multiple owners
  • Sending Mailers with Stannp
  • Mailer Worksop & Pre-foreclosure Strategy
  • Ready to move forward/Intro Email
  • Introductory email
  • Get the AI Surplus Closer
  • How to send proof to a client
  • Get your agreement forms electronically signed for free
  • How to find an attorney
  • Notary instructions
  • What you need to file a claim
  • Filing out your paperwork
  • Claim checklist
  • Claim process flowchart
  • How to always make money in surplus funds preparing packets
  • Asset recovery agreement form
  • Limited Power Of Attorney for an Individual
  • Limited Power Of Attorney for a Company
  • Re.funds payable
  • AssignmentOfInterest.Asset.recovery
  • cover.letter
  • different routes of pursuing a claim
  • Helping companies that are owed surplus
  • The Blue print
  • Building your website
  • All counties in every states directory information
  • Foreclosure.Informational.Company.Letter
  • Direct Mailing
  • Looking to scale?
  • Surplus Funds Crash course
  • Tax Overage Tracking Word
  • Intro email pre foreclosure

2. Unclaimed State Funds

  • What are state funds
  • Unclaimed state funds course
  • Useful website
  • Filing process
  • Agreement.form
  • Cover Letter
  • all state require this, if they do then use it)
  • Top states you can start today!
  • Call script
  • Intro email
  • State funds walk through

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Money Making Juggernaut - Asset Recovery Course

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