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MindValley – Sixth Sense Superpower

“MindValley’s Sixth Sense Superpower, led by Sonia Choquette, is a transformative 20-day online program guiding you to reclaim and amplify your intuitive intelligence. Through daily 20-minute video lessons, you’ll experience a self-driven journey, immersing yourself in encounters with your inner voice. This program focuses on holistic learning, using breathwork, meditation, and sixth sense modalities to amplify intuition. By the end, you’ll confidently embody an intuition-driven life, making clear choices and experiencing personal growth.”

MindValley – Sixth Sense Superpower

Sixth Sense Superpower is a 20-day online program for reclaiming, amplifying, and forging unconditional trust in your intuitive intelligence.

On each day, you’ll join Sonia Choquette for a 20-minute video lesson, as she guides you through her signature tools and techniques for embodying your new intuition-driven life.

The key focus of this program is self-driven experience. Your biggest breakthroughs won’t be learned or intellectualized, but rather felt through immersive encounters with your inner voice – and the instant clarity, courage, and creative energy you gain through them.

And by the end of the 20 days, you’ll be fully prepared to embody your new intuition-driven life: where you are your greatest guide, and the path to growth and fulfillment is always clear.

Awaken your intuitive intelligence in 20 days through a signature process designed by Sonia Choquette and Mindvalley

  • You’re guided inwards, where you’ll discover how to quiet your brain, communicate with yourself on a vibrational level, and find the ON switch for your intuition.
  • You begin experiencing your intuition for yourself – not just with your mind, but holistically with your heart and soul through breathwork, meditation, and other sixth sense modalities.
  • You’re then given the tools and techniques to amplify your intuition, and harness it in decision making, creative thinking, problem solving, and other key areas of your life and work.
  • You’re trained to instinctively know the difference between emotional impulses that could lead you astray, and authentic and accurate guidance that comes from your intuitive intelligence.
  • And finally, you design a new intuition-driven life where your inner voice guides you in every moment of every day towards your best choices, outcomes, and opportunities.

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MindValley – Sixth Sense Superpower

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