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MeasureSchool – MeasureMasters course provides comprehensive training to become an analytics expert. With over 20 courses on technical tracking, analysis, and optimization, members gain in-depth skills. Ongoing community support and 1-on-1 mentorship help apply the skills. Ideal for experienced marketers committed to specializing in measurement long-term. Delivers premium value, but requires high motivation.

MeasureSchool – MeasureMasters Course Review


The MeasureSchool – MeasureMasters course by Julian Juenemann aims to teach digital marketers the strategic skills needed to become a master of analytics, tracking, and data-driven marketing.

With over 20 courses, lessons, and trainings, MeasureMasters provides a comprehensive program for upskilling in measurement and analytics. It goes beyond just tools and tactics, taking a strategic approach to using data to generate ROI.

Key Features

  • 20+ courses on tracking, analytics, and data skills
  • Tools and templates to save time with tracking implementations
  • Community of data-driven marketers for advice and collaboration
  • Live trainings and Q&As with experts
  • 1-on-1 support from MeasureMentors

In this 2000 word review, we will cover:

  • The journey to becoming a MeasureMaster
  • Details on the training curriculum
  • Community and support offerings
  • Ideal student profile
  • Pricing and guarantees
  • Pro’s and con’s
  • Verdict on the value proposition

The Path to Becoming a MeasureMaster

MeasureMasters structures the journey to mastering analytics into three steps:

Step 1: Measure What Matters

Learn how to plan your measurement strategy, implement tracking properly, and audit implementations. Master the key skills:

  • Planning measurement strategies
  • Implementing tracking
  • Auditing and maintaining tracking

Step 2: Uncover Insights

Develop analytical skills to turn raw data into clear insights and compelling reports and dashboards. Master the key skills:

  • Creating insightful data reports
  • Analyzing data effectively
  • Building a data-driven habit

Step 3: Translate Insights Into Action

Learn how to turn insights into results by making data-driven optimization recommendations and getting stakeholders to act on them. Master the key skills:

  • Data visualizations
  • Data storytelling
  • Driving data-based decisions

This strategic roadmap aims to take you from data rookie to master measurer in months, not years.

MeasureMasters Curriculum

With over 20 courses and growing, MeasureMasters provides in-depth training across all key measurement skills. Here’s an overview of what’s included:

Technical Tracking Courses

  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) Essentials
  • Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Fundamentals
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking
  • Ecommerce Tracking with GTM
  • JavaScript for GTM
  • Privacy Conscious Tracking

Analysis Courses

  • Google BigQuery for Marketers
  • Google Data Studio Essentials
  • Excel for Analytics
  • SQL for Analytics
  • R for Analytics

Strategy & Optimization Courses

  • Data Storytelling
  • Moving People With Data
  • Dashboard Design
  • A/B Testing Mastery
  • KPI Optimization

The curriculum provides training for all tech stacks, including Google, Adobe, Mixpanel, and more. Both fundamentals and advanced techniques are covered.

New courses are continually added based on community feedback and industry developments.

Community Support & Resources

In addition to the course library, members get access to a toolkit of templates, guides, and tools. There is also a community forum for asking questions and networking.

MeasureMasters Toolkit

The toolkit includes templates and utilities like:

  • Data layer writing tool
  • Google Analytics audit template
  • Shopify data layer specs
  • BigQuery ELT pipeline

These tools help save time and avoid reinventing the wheel.

MasterCircle Community

The MeasureMasters community forum connects you with other members. Get feedback on issues you’re facing and learn from others.

There are also live Q&A sessions and access to industry experts.

1-on-1 MeasureMentor Support

For more advanced issues, you can request 1-on-1 support from MeasureMentors – experts in implementation, strategy, and analysis.

This custom feedback helps unblock you when you get stuck on client projects.

Who Should Take This Course?

MeasureMasters is designed for:

  • Agency owners who want their team to specialize in measurement
  • Freelancers looking to niche down into analytics and tracking
  • Marketers who want to become data experts

It’s ideal for those who:

  • Are motivated to uplevel their data skills
  • Want measurement to be their core focus
  • Enjoy solving technical problems
  • Have patience for complicated tracking issues
  • Value getting expert support/feedback

It’s less ideal for those who:

  • Just want to learn one specific tool
  • Don’t want measurement as their main role
  • Dislike technical challenges
  • Prefer to outsource implementation
  • Want step-by-step instructions

So MeasureMasters is best suited for mid-level and experienced marketers looking to specialize in analytics long-term.


As a premium course, MeasureMasters has two payment options:

Monthly: $199/month
Annual: $1,999/year (saves $237)

Based on the purported value of included assets, the total value is over $27,000.

There is a 14-day money back guarantee so you can get a refund if unhappy.

Pros of MeasureMasters

Comprehensive curriculum: With 20+ courses and growing, the training is in-depth across all measurement skills from technical implementation to optimization.

Expert instructors: Classes are taught by knowledgeable instructors like Julian and Google analytics pros.

Community & support: The forum, live events, and 1-on-1 mentorship provide help applying the skills.

Up-to-date: New material is added regularly to keep current with industry changes.

Flexible access: Self-paced online access allows learning on your schedule.

Cons to Consider

Premium pricing: The monthly and annual prices are high compared to a standard course.

Self-driven learning: Like any online course, you need motivation to stick with the material.

Not for beginners: Some baseline knowledge is required to get the most from the training.

Technical focus: If you dislike technical details, the curriculum may not be engaging.

Ongoing cost: There is no lifelong access, you must maintain membership.


Value Proposition

For experienced marketers looking to specialize in measurement long-term, MeasureMasters delivers very high value.

The depth and quality of the training curriculum exceeds most paid courses. The community, tools, and support take learning beyond just video lessons.

It’s an investment, but cost-effective compared to hiring specialized analysts and consultants. The skills you gain can translate into career growth and clients willing to pay premium rates.


If you are committed to upskilling in measurement and want expert guidance, MeasureMasters is a smart choice. No other program offers such comprehensive analytics education with ongoing support.

However, if you just want to learn a single tool or need basic education, you can get started with more affordable courses and transition later.

For most, MeasureMasters is an aspirational goal once they’ve gotten their feet wet in analytics and are ready to become masters. The community and curriculum provide tremendous long-term value for the price.

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