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Mark Hutchinson – Rewired

Mark Hutchinson – Rewired course is a powerful psychology-focused trading program designed to help you rewire your mindset for flawless execution. The comprehensive curriculum includes 17 core audio modules, 10 advanced modules, a 100-page study guide, Discord community access, and essential trading tools. Rewired trains you to overcome self-limiting beliefs, master optimal mental states like the flow zone, and create an upward momentum cycle for sustainable success. If you want to take your trading to the next level, Rewired provides a complete system to transform yourself into a peak-performing trader.

Mark Hutchinson – Rewired

What You Get

The Core Curriculum

The core of the Rewired program consists of 7 audio training modules:

Module One – The Golden Rule

  • Understanding why most traders fail and how to avoid the common pitfalls

Module Two – The Flow Zone

  • Entering the optimal mental state for flawless execution

Module Three – The Conscious Trader

  • Cultivating awareness and intentionality in your trading

Module Four – The Rewired Formula

  • A step-by-step blueprint for rewiring your mindset

Module Five – Six Stage Self-Image Correction Process

  • Transforming your self-limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs

Module Six – The Secrets Of Affirmation

  • Harnessing the power of affirmations to program your subconscious mind

Module Seven – Success Momentum Cycle

  • Creating an upward spiral of success through momentum

In addition, you get 6 video training modules covering highly relevant topics for traders:

  • Dealing with FOMO
  • Managing anxiety
  • Gaining independence from unsupportive friends/family
  • Optimizing your evening routine
  • Making the most of your 9-5 job
  • Starting your day intentionally

Beyond Rewired

Take your mindset to the next level with 4 advanced audio training modules:

  • Beyond Rewired
  • The Eternal Apprentice
  • The Cognitive Edge
  • The Invisible Mind

Plus 4 video modules on transitioning into full-time trading:

  • Golden Number
  • Trading Trifecta
  • The Complete Traders Edge
  • Building Your Empire

Rewired Study Guide

A comprehensive 100-page study guide breaks down the core training modules into actionable insights.

Private Discord Group

Get access to the Rewired Discord community to connect and learn from like-minded traders.

Trading Essentials Kit

A toolkit to optimize your trading performance and sustain success.

In summary, the Rewired program provides a complete training system to rewire your mindset and take your trading to the next level. With 17 core audio modules, 10 advanced modules, a detailed study guide, Discord access, and essential trading tools, it delivers tremendous value for the investment.

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Mark Hutchinson Rewired
Mark Hutchinson – Rewired

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