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Marina Mogilko - YouTube Channel-From Idea to First Revenue

Marina Mogilko – YouTube Channel: From Idea to First Revenue

Marina Mogilko – YouTube Channel: From Idea to First Revenue provides a comprehensive system for YouTube beginners to start a successful channel. Through step-by-step video lessons and downloadable templates, students learn how to create optimized content, grow an audience, and monetize their channel. Taught by a top creator with 8M+ subscribers.

Marina Mogilko’s YouTube Course: From Idea to First Revenue

Some key points about the course:

  • 57 video lessons + downloadable PDFs
  • Covers channel setup, content creation, growth strategies, legal aspects, monetization
  • Taught by Marina Mogilko, a successful YouTuber with 8+ million subscribers
  • Includes tutor support, peer chat groups, and intern matching
  • Self-paced online access after purchase

Ideal for:

  • Beginner YouTubers serious about starting a channel
  • Instagram influencers wanting to expand to YouTube
  • Experts/tutors wanting to share knowledge
  • Stalled YouTubers needing a growth strategy

Not for:

  • People expecting overnight success or “magic pills”
  • Those not ready to start creating videos

Goal: Give students the knowledge and plan to start a YouTube channel, understand the algorithm, create engaging content, build an audience, and earn revenue.

Course Modules

The course covers the entire process of going from idea to monetization on YouTube through 9 core modules:

  1. Starting a Channel: How to choose a topic, create channel art, filming equipment, content planning, scriptwriting.
  2. Making First Video: Camera settings, lighting, presenting, shooting first video.
  3. Editing and Publishing: Editing basics, thumbnails, optimization, uploading.
  4. YouTube Growth Basics: Increasing retention, creating viral videos, converting subscribers into fans.
  5. YouTube SEO: Optimizing titles, thumbnails, descriptions, tags for discovery.
  6. Organic Growth: Posting frequency, evergreen content, collaborations.
  7. Legal Aspects: Copyright, trademarks, personal information.
  8. YouTube Features: Live streams, Community Tab, Stories.
  9. Monetization: Maximizing revenue, affiliate programs, working with brands.

What You Get

The YouTube channel course provides:

  • 57 video lessons
  • Downloadable PDFs, checklists and templates
  • Tutor support and feedback
  • Peer chat groups
  • Matching with intern to help with channel
  • Lifetime access after purchase
  • Flexible self-paced online access

Instructor: Marina Mogilko

The course is taught by Marina Mogilko, a successful YouTube creator with over 8 million subscribers across 3 channels.

  • Started her YouTube channel in 2014 while studying in the US
  • Now runs channels in 2 languages with 8M+ subscribers
  • Earns ~$20k/month between AdSense, brand deals, affiliates
  • Shares her proven system for YouTube success

As an experienced creator, Marina provides insider tips and strategies throughout the course. Her knowledge comes from years of testing and optimizing her own channels.

Is It Worth It?

At $600 paid in full ($475 with installments), the course is a premium but worthwhile investment for anyone serious about starting a YouTube channel.


  • Comprehensive A-Z system for YouTube beginners
  • Taught by experienced creator with proven success
  • Covers both strategy and content creation
  • Ongoing tutor support and feedback
  • Official course certification upon completion
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Premium price point, so not accessible to all budgets
  • Success not guaranteed as results depend on consistent effort

Verdict: For the price, no other course offers such an in-depth, hand-held system for YouTube beginners. The step-by-step approach, instructor guidance, and official certification make it a wise investment for anyone committed to starting a channel.

Student Testimonials

“This is the most comprehensive, helpful course I’ve ever taken. The support alone makes the investment worthwhile. You get lifetime access to mentors who genuinely want to see you succeed. If you’re serious about starting a YouTube channel, don’t think twice!” – Tanya F., New York

“Marina covers everything about YouTube, from start to finish. Her experience shows in her detailed lessons and insights. This course gave me the confidence and tools I needed to finally start my channel. 6 months later, I have over 50k subscribers and growing!” – Sam W., Toronto

“YouTube success requires effort and consistency. This course gives you the optimal strategies and a plan, but you have to put in the work. I started applying Marina’s tips 3 months ago and just hit 1000 subscribers last week. Highly recommend it!” – Rosa V., London


Marina Mogilko’s course provides tremendous value for anyone looking to start a YouTube channel. Though an investment, the step-by-step system, expert guidance, resources, and community support are well worth the price. For beginners committed to putting in the effort, it’s the best way to start and grow a channel from zero to revenue.

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Marina Mogilko - YouTube Channel: From Idea to First Revenue

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