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Marie Poulin – Notion Mastery

Marie Poulin – Notion Mastery

Marie Poulin – Notion Mastery is an in-depth online course by Marie Poulin to help you master Notion. Through video lessons, live events, community support, and templates, you’ll learn to build customized workflows and systems tailored to your needs. Best for motivated learners, solopreneurs, and small teams who want to optimize Notion for personal and business productivity.

Marie Poulin’s Notion Mastery Course: A Review

Notion Mastery is an online course created by Marie Poulin to teach people how to use Notion to organize their personal and professional lives. Notion is an all-in-one productivity software that allows you to take notes, manage tasks, collaborate with others, and more.

Overview of the Course

The Notion Mastery course aims to help people design a custom Notion workspace tailored to their unique needs. It includes video lessons, live events, community support, and access to a Notion workspace with course materials.

Some key things you’ll learn:

  • Notion’s core features
  • Building planning and task management systems
  • Creating custom dashboards
  • Team collaboration strategies
  • Knowledge management and note taking
  • Getting inspired by example workflows

The course is designed as a journey with different levels:

  • Level 0: Notion orientation
  • Level 1: Notion essentials
  • Level 2: Building Notion dashboards
  • Level 3: Advanced customization


  • Action-focused curriculum
  • Live trainings and workshops
  • Private office hours for questions
  • Supportive online community
  • Growing library of templates and examples
  • 1 year of access and updates

Ideal For:

  • Solo users or small teams
  • Those feeling overwhelmed by their workflow
  • People seeking long-term workflow improvements
  • Those willing to customize Notion for their needs

Not Good For:

  • People wanting a quick fix
  • Large teams needing fast onboarding
  • Those expecting perfect workspaces without effort

What’s Included in the Course

The Notion Mastery course includes:

  • Video lessons: Covering Notion features, workflow design concepts, real examples.
  • Live events: Trainings, workshops, office hours for questions.
  • Community forum: Get help from other users.
  • Formulas mini-course: For learning Notion’s formulas.
  • Weekly reviews: Reflect on progress and plan ahead.
  • Resource library: Templates, examples, and tutorials.
  • 1 year access: With updates to course materials.

The course content is delivered through a private Notion workspace that students get invited to.

Meet the Instructors

The course was created by Marie Poulin, a Notion expert and workflow consultant. She leads office hours, curriculum updates, and engages in the community.

Other instructors include:

  • Benjamin Borowski: Notion expert focused on teams and formulas.
  • Georgia Cyr: Operations lead and community support.
  • Ranee Joshi: Advanced user helping with formulas and workflows.

Course Review From a Student

Here is a review from Monica Lim, a past student:

“The community element was huge! Seeing how other people use Notion was one of the most interesting aspects of the course. I was able to see new ways of using Notion I hadn’t thought of, and really appreciated hearing other people’s questions. It’s not the sort of course where you just pay once, do some work, and then disappear. It’s a long-term investment. It changed how I think about Notion, workflow, community, and customer service!”

Who Should Take This Course?

The Notion Mastery course is best for:

  • People committed to using Notion long-term
  • Solo users or small teams
  • Those feeling overwhelmed by workflows
  • People seeking long-term workflow shifts
  • Those willing to customize Notion workspaces

It’s NOT ideal for:

  • People still deciding on Notion
  • Large teams needing fast onboarding
  • Those wanting a quick fix for disorganization
  • People unwilling to customize workspaces

Course Pricing

There are two pricing options:


  • $799 for 1 year access
  • Renew for $79 per quarter after first year

For Tiny Teams

  • $1249 for 1 year access for you + 1 team member
  • Renew for $79 per person per quarter after first year

Payment plans available. Discounted pricing may be available for certain countries.

Final Thoughts

The Notion Mastery course seems like a robust training program for learning how to use Notion as an all-in-one productivity tool. With the video lessons, live support, and templates, it can teach you how to build a customized Notion workflow for your needs.

It’s best suited for motivated learners willing to invest time to set up effective personal or small business systems in Notion. With active community support and access to experts like Marie Poulin, it can provide great guidance for Notion newcomers as well as advanced users.

The price point is premium, but could be worthwhile if you’re committed to getting the most out of Notion. Make sure to consider if the “solo” or “tiny team” plan better fits your needs.

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