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Marie Forleo – Time Genius

Marie Forleo – Time Genius course teaches a step-by-step system to escape overwhelm, laser focus on priorities, establish rituals for success, accomplish more joyfully, and sustain motivation long-term. The strategies help you work less and make more money while gaining freedom.

Marie Forleo’s Time Genius Course – A Life-Changing Time Management System


Time Genius is an online course created by entrepreneur and author Marie Forleo that teaches you a step-by-step system for getting more done in less time, so you can make more money and have more freedom, without working harder.

The core promise of Time Genius is that it will help you:

  • Set the right priorities so you can let go of non-essentials guilt-free
  • Increase your creative output 2-5 times
  • Banish procrastination, distractions, and toxic guilt
  • Massively boost your energy and joy

The course includes 5 training modules, fun worksheets, time-saving tools, bonus trainings, and live group coaching with Marie Forleo and a team of mentor coaches.

This review provides an overview of what you get with the course, key takeaways from each module, and what past students have said about their experiences.

What You Get in the Course

The Time Genius course includes the following components:

5 Core Training Modules

Each module includes videos and downloadable “Fun Sheets” to help you implement what you learn.

4 Bonus Advanced Trainings

These build on the core modules with more in-depth tactics.

Live Group Coaching

Two weeks of live Q&A coaching with Marie Forleo and the Time Genius mentor coaches.

Additional Resources

Such as time-saving tools, workbooks, cheatsheets, and more.

Lifetime Access

You can re-watch the videos and access the materials forever.

Overview of the 5 Core Modules

Here’s an overview of what’s covered in each of the main training modules:

Module 1: Escape the Time Stress Trap

In module 1, you’ll learn:

  • A language trick to drop bad habits and adopt healthier new ones
  • How to turn your current life into the life you want
  • The #1 skill to go from time-crunched to time-rich
  • A 4-word mantra to quit overwhelm for good
  • How to unlearn defaults like constant interruptions
  • How to make ease and freedom your new normal

Key takeaway: You can reprogram your mindset and habits to ditch overwhelm.

Module 2: Know What’s Important, Ignore What’s Not

In module 2, you’ll discover:

  • A 3-word phrase to skyrocket focus and results
  • The “Simplify to Amplify Audit” to reveal your best ROI activities
  • Why what you don’t work on matters
  • The difference between dreams, goals, and habits
  • How to feel great about saying “no”
  • Marie’s process for identifying annual goals and daily tasks
  • How to be a Time Genius “in the trenches”
  • A 3-step process for clarifying what matters most

Key takeaway: Ruthlessly prioritize so you can ignore the non-essentials.

Module 3: Make Your Success Inevitable

Module 3 reveals:

  • A 4-minute evening habit used by successful people
  • The “White Space Rule” to ensure free time every day
  • How to solve problems before they happen
  • How to turn on creative flow on command
  • How to build a flexible productivity plan matched to you
  • How to live distraction-free and get focused fast
  • How to design your ideal work environment

Key takeaway: Establish non-negotiable rules to set yourself up for daily wins.

Module 4: Get It All Done, Joyfully

In module 4, you’ll get:

  • A focus checklist for before you start work
  • How to stay energized even on busy days
  • Why hope sabotages success
  • How to create a joyful, achievable morning routine
  • How to handle disruptions without derailing your day
  • Marie’s pre-work ritual to unleash genius
  • 5 power questions to sharpen focus
  • A 5-minute energy and focus boost

Key takeaway: With the right rituals, you can accomplish more and enjoy it.

Module 5: Stay Motivated, Consistent & Inspired

Finally, module 5 reveals:

  • How to turn “wasted” time into highly productive time
  • The “unsexy” habit that makes you unstoppable
  • How to trigger exponential growth daily
  • A daily habit that supercharges motivation
  • The big mistake people make with schedules
  • How to make your schedule inspire you
  • The “Airplane Secret” to stay on track despite hiccups
  • How to master motivation and build unstoppable momentum

Key takeaway: Sustainable motivation comes from within, not willpower.

Marie Forleo Time Genius Student Reviews

Here’s what just a few of the many happy Time Genius students have said about their experiences:

“Our bank account has grown exponentially. I’m the most fulfilled I’ve EVER been.”

“Time Genius paid for itself 10x. I wish I had this years ago, I’d already be at 7-figures.”

“It’s completely reclaimed my life. I’m shocked at how much time I almost wasted.”

“I’m fitting in 2 hours of exercise before I even start work. It seems weird but it freaking WORKS.”

“For the rest of my life, I want to carry these tools from Time Genius.”

“I’ve written 20,000 words, edited a manuscript, AND began batch filming for Youtube!”

“I’m sleeping through the night and I wake up at 5:30am feeling fantastic.”

“My family got their mom back. My husband looks at me with profound relief.”

It’s clear from the rave reviews that the Time Genius course has been absolutely life-changing for thousands of students. They’ve used Marie’s strategies to completely transform their productivity, focus, energy levels, motivation, and fulfillment.


In summary, Marie Forleo’s Time Genius course provides a comprehensive time management system to help you escape overwhelm, zero in on priorities, establish success rituals, accomplish more joyfully, and sustain motivation long-term.

The 5 core modules give you the mindset shifts and tactical tools you need, while the bonus content and live coaching takes it to the next level. And with lifetime access, you can continue benefiting from Time Genius for years to come.

If you feel overextended, distracted, and ready for a change, Time Genius could be just what you need to massively boost your productivity, creativity, and sense of ease. The many rave reviews show just how powerful and effective Marie’s strategies are.

So if you’re ready to get off the struggle bus and step into the driver’s seat of an extraordinary life, Marie Forleo’s Time Genius course is definitely worth checking out!

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