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Mann Kong – NFT Gaming Navigator

Mann Kong’s “NFT Gaming Navigator” course falls under the category of “Entrepreneurship and Business.” This comprehensive course, spanning over 20 hours, guides participants in building a successful NFT gaming business from scratch, making it accessible even for those without prior experience in NFTs, crypto, or gaming. It includes automation strategies, hiring secrets, scalability techniques, scripts, templates, and offers weekly virtual mentorship mastermind sessions to help students achieve their entrepreneurial goals in the NFT gaming industry.

Mann Kong – NFT Gaming Navigator

What You Get:

NFT Gaming Navigator (20+ Hours Of Training)

  • 20+ hours that covers EVERY aspect of building an NFT Gaming business.
  • No NFT, Crypto or gaming experience required!
  • Almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up!

Automation Secrets

  • An automated hiring system that will hire the best scholars
  • Without you spending your time on interviews or onboarding
  • Exactly how to break through the “50 scholar glass ceiling” and scale your business to new heights
  • The simple, “unsexy” method to hire a manager to run the business for you
  • The bulletproof system to scale your NFT Gaming business, even if you’re a busy student

Scripts, Templates, Interviews & More

  • The one script we use to influence scholars who’ll make you the MOST money join us
  • The interview that reveals how my manager finds top-tier scholars
  • Word-for-word, the exact script I use to onboard every scholar (which without it my business would set on fire)
  • A small “trick” you can use to maximize your earnings

Weekly Virtual Mentorship Mastermind

  • Get your NFT Gaming business built, in ONE Session!
  • Watch and follow along as our experts answer your questions step-by-step.

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Mann Kong – NFT Gaming Navigator

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