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Lukas Resheske – New Email Masters 2023

The New Email Masters 2023 course by Lukas Resheske teaches how to start a lucrative freelance email copywriting business. You’ll learn his proven framework for writing high-converting emails, find ideal clients, get real-world experience through the Gauntlet program, and earn $2,000-$5,000 per month retainers. It’s an A-Z system for launching a career in this in-demand field.

Lukas Resheske – New Email Masters 2023


The New Email Masters course by Lukas Resheske teaches how to become a highly paid email copywriter and get freelance clients in that field.

The core premise is that email marketing is essential for every business but most struggle to create compelling emails consistently. This creates huge demand for freelance email copywriters who can write high-converting emails for clients.

The course provides the framework, skills, and proven tactics to start an email copywriting business and charge premium rates of $20-$200 per email.

Key Benefits

  • Learn the framework and science behind writing emails that convert
  • Discover how to find and close high-paying email copywriting clients
  • Get real-world experience writing emails through the Gauntlet program
  • Access to a community of elite copywriters for support and feedback
  • Build a lucrative career that allows location and time freedom

What You Will Learn

The Science of High Converting Email Marketing

This module breaks down the two core email types and how to use them strategically to boost sales and retention. It covers Lukas’ framework for structuring emails based on open rates, revenue, and other key metrics.

Getting Email Copywriting Clients

This section reveals how to identify and approach ideal clients in lucrative niches who need regular email copywriting services. It covers tactics to start conversations, close retainers, and generate $2,000-$5,000 per month without hard selling.

The Gauntlet

This intensive program provides personalized feedback on your emails, client outreach, and sales skills. You’ll apply for a mock project and receive critiques to refine your copywriting and selling abilities.

Write for Live Client Projects

After completing the Gauntlet, you’ll get to write emails for Lukas’ own lists and campaigns. This gives you real-world results to showcase your skills and get testimonials.


  • “Double Your Retainer” Mini-Course
  • 365 Email Copywriting Prompts

Who It’s For

The course is designed for those looking to start a location-independent career as an email copywriter. No prior experience is required. It’s ideal for freelancers, solopreneurs, stay-at-home parents, and anyone seeking more time and financial freedom.


The New Email Masters course provides a clear framework and roadmap for building a lucrative email copywriting business from scratch. The hands-on coaching and real-world experience make it a worthwhile investment for launching a career in this high-demand field.

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Lukas Resheske – New Email Masters 2023
Lukas Resheske – New Email Masters 2023

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