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Loida Velasquez – Real Estate Agent

The course offered by Loida Velasquez, a Real Estate Agent, provides comprehensive training on various aspects of the real estate business. It covers communication, setting up your real estate business, working with buyers, sellers, and investors, and effectively using social media. The package includes step-by-step video trainings, access to a private Facebook community with additional trainings and live Q&A sessions, a “New in Real Estate” workbook, a newsletter and follow-up guide, a lead tracker for new real estate prospects, and guidance on using video to stand out and market yourself in the industry.

Loida Velasquez – Real Estate Agent


Learn everything you need to know from communication, to setting up your business, to working with buyers, sellers and investors, to taking over social media!


Step-By-Step Video Trainings

Private Facebook Community Access with trainings and ongoing LIVE Q & A

New in Real Estate Workbook

** BONUS **

Newsletter and Follow Up Guide

New in Real Estate Lead Tracker

How to Stand Out and Market Yourself Using Video

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Loida Velasquez – Real Estate Agent

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