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Jon Cheplak – Broker Team Profit Machine (Group Buy)

The “Jon Cheplak – Broker Team Profit Machine” course provides a comprehensive system for real estate brokers to attract, train, and retain productive agents. Participants will gain the skills and strategies necessary to consistently attract top-performing agents, facilitate effective training environments that drive production, and create a supportive community that agents never want to leave. This proven recruiting, training, and retention formula has been used by leading real estate companies and teams worldwide to break through production ceilings. It can be applied to various aspects of your real estate business, from recruiting to agent training and retention, to help your company or team stand out. Ideal for real estate professionals seeking to enhance their brokerage’s success.

Jon Cheplak – Broker Team Profit Machine



Gain the skill-sets and systems that attract productive agents consistently.


Learn how to facilitate a training environment that drives production and profits.


Get the system and strategy that creates a community that agents never want to leave.

  • Learn a proven recruiting, training and retention formulathat Jon discovered and is used by his clients. You will completely understand how it works and why it’s the most powerful system to grow your business.
  • See how this formula has been used by the world’s top real estate companies and teams to break through their production ceilings.
  • Apply this formula to your company’s messaging and systems including recruiting, sales meetings, agent training, company events, and retention. Broker Team Profit Machine will help you create a company or team that stands out.

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