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Joe Popelas – AI Publisher Pro

The AI Publisher Pro course teaches how to use AI to rapidly research, write, publish, and sell books at scale. Creator Joe Popelas generates over $350K in profits from his automated book publishing business. His proven framework allows members to publish books in hours and achieve income streams of $1K+ per day. Joe provides personal guidance and community support to replicate his success.

Joe Popelas – AI Publisher Pro

What You Get

The AI Publisher Pro course teaches you how to generate book ideas, outline books, and publish and sell them using AI. The course is run by Joe Popelas, a successful entrepreneur who has built a million dollar book publishing business using these techniques.

Community Access

You get access to an exclusive community of like-minded individuals interested in AI publishing. This includes:

  • Weekly live Q&A sessions with Joe where you can get your questions answered
  • Ability to chat and connect with other members
  • Learn from each other’s experiences and grow together

One-on-One Support

You can directly contact Joe for personalized support on anything related to:

  • AI book generation
  • Marketing books
  • Selling books

Joe is committed to helping members succeed with their own AI publishing businesses.

Book Generation Prompts

The course provides prompts crafted to help you:

  • Generate high quality book ideas and content quickly
  • Write books in any niche or subject area
  • Create complete books in just hours instead of months or years

With these prompts, you’ll be able to rapidly research, outline, and write book drafts leveraging AI.

Landing Page Templates

You get access to 5 of Joe’s landing page templates in PNG format. This allows you to:

  • Understand Joe’s process for landing page structure, layout, and copy
  • Use these as a starting point to create your own high-converting landing pages

Well-designed landing pages are critical for promoting and selling your books.

Book Organizer Template

A Notion book content organizer template is provided to help you:

  • Keep your book projects organized
  • Work through the book creation process efficiently
  • Ensure book accuracy and completeness

This template ensures you capture all the details needed to publish high-quality books.

Basic AI Publishing Course

The course includes a starter module covering the basics of AI publishing including:

  • Using AI tools like ChatGPT for research and content generation
  • Outlining and structuring book content
  • Designing covers and publishing completed books
  • Setting up sites and advertising to sell your books

This foundation module teaches the core skills and knowledge required to get started.

Joe’s Background

Joe struggled for years to find an online business model that worked for him, trying many different ideas. In 2022, after consulting on AI, Joe had the idea to leverage AI to rapidly create and publish books at scale.

He perfected a process for AI book creation and marketing. This allowed him to go from minimum wage jobs to over $350K in profits from his book business within 1 year.

Now Joe teaches his proven framework through this course so you can achieve similar success more quickly.

Member Results

The course includes examples of income achieved by past members, showing the potential of AI publishing. A few highlights:

  • $4,372 in 3 days selling relationship books
  • $2,981 profit in 5 days from finance niche books
  • $1,629 average daily revenue from self-help books
  • $27K profit in first 2.5 months of course membership

Joe provides this motivation to prove his system can work for anyone willing to put in the effort.

The AI Publisher Pro course gives you access to a proven framework for leveraging AI to create, publish and sell books profitably. Joe’s personal guidance combined with the community support helps members achieve remarkable results. If you’re looking to build an automated online income stream through AI publishing, this course teaches the exact process Joe used to build his million dollar publishing business.

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Joe Popelas – AI Publisher Pro
Joe Popelas – AI Publisher Pro

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