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Jason Bell – Birthday Marketing Formula

The Jason Bell – Birthday Marketing Formula course by Jason Bell teaches how to implement automated birthday marketing campaigns for businesses. The 7 module video course provides a step-by-step blueprint for finding clients, selling, and delivering this unique service. Ideal for beginners and experienced marketers alike looking to launch a service-based business or add a new income stream.

Jason Bell’s Birthday Marketing Formula Course Review


The Birthday Marketing Formula is a video course by Jason Bell that teaches how to set up an automated birthday marketing system for small businesses.

The course includes 7 modules and 6 bonuses focused on finding clients, building systems to automate the service, and delivering results.

Key features:

  • 7 video modules
  • Actionable steps for finding clients, selling, and delivering the service
  • Bonuses like done-for-you funnels, websites, and other resources to accelerate results
  • Teaches an automated “set it and forget it” marketing system
  • Focuses on an underutilized marketing angle – birthdays

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What You Get in the Course

The Birthday Marketing Formula course includes the following:

7 Core Modules

  1. Charting the Route – How to determine the best niche, target clients, and pricing for the service
  2. Finding Your Best Clients – Ideal target clients and tactics to find them
  3. Building the Prospecting Machine – Setting up automated systems to demonstrate the value
  4. Prospecting: Reaching Out – Getting potential clients to reply to your outreach
  5. Selling the Service – Tips for presenting the service even if you’re not a sales expert
  6. Delivering the Service – Ensuring clients get results and want to continue each month
  7. Advanced Methods – Growing this into a true local marketing empire

6 Bonuses

  1. Done-For-You Marketing Funnel – Pre-made funnel to get leads interested for $2,000+ value
  2. Done-For-You Website – One-page pre-made website to explain service for $1,000+ value
  3. Fast Track Resources – Swipe files and designs to accelerate getting clients and results for $2,000+ value
  4. COVID Restaurant Survival – System to help restaurants with online ordering and delivery
  5. Directory Profits – Tool to create directory of birthday offers from different businesses
  6. Hybrid Bot Campaign – Leverage chatbots to automate and convert more leads

Course Breakdown

The course is divided into 7 modules focused on different aspects of setting up and profiting from the birthday marketing formula system.

Module 1 – Charting the Route

  • How to determine the ideal client niche and service pricing
  • Why birthdays are a powerful but underutilized marketing angle
  • How to charge $500+ per month for this automated service

Module 2 – Finding Your Best Clients

  • Ideal target clients for this service
  • Tactics to find and connect with potential clients
  • How to avoid wasting time pitching the wrong businesses

Module 3 – Building the Prospecting Machine

  • Setting up automated funnels and campaigns
  • Educating leads on the service before you ever reach out
  • Driving interest and inquiries without manual prospecting

Module 4 – Prospecting: Reaching Out

  • Crafting initial outreach emails and messages
  • Getting replies and scheduling calls from potential clients
  • Ensuring prospects are already sold on the concept

Module 5 – Selling the Service

  • Presenting the service effectively even if not a sales expert
  • Answering questions and overcoming objections
  • Closing deals and signing up clients

Module 6 – Delivering the Service

  • Implementing the campaigns and ensuring results
  • Delivering an amazing experience month after month
  • Retaining happy clients who gladly pay each month

Module 7 – Advanced Methods

  • Scaling up to handle more clients
  • Instituting processes to make delivery more automated
  • Expanding into a true local marketing empire


There are 6 bonuses included to help accelerate results.

Done-For-You Marketing Funnel

This includes a pre-made article and landing page to start generating leads. Just add your own details. Value: $2,000+

Done-For-You Website

A professionally designed one-page website to explain the service. Value: $1,000+

Fast Track Resources

Swipe files for outreach campaigns, graphics, and more. Value: $2,000+

COVID Restaurant Survival

Tool and training to help restaurants setup online ordering systems.

Directory Profits

Tool to create a directory of birthday offers from multiple businesses.

Hybrid Bot Campaign

Learn to leverage chatbots to convert more leads.

Who the Course is For

The Birthday Marketing Formula course is ideal for:

  • Aspiring marketing consultants
  • Digital marketers
  • Local business owners
  • Agencies wanting a new service offering
  • Anyone looking to start a service-based business

It’s beginner friendly with step-by-step training, but also includes advanced tactics for experienced marketers.

Benfits and Results

Some key benefits of the course include:

  • Low competition marketing angle with birthdays
  • Recurring revenue model ($500+ per month per client)
  • Ability to charge premium prices as a service
  • “Set it and forget it” system that’s easy to deliver
  • Done-for-you assets to accelerate implementation
  • Lean startup costs and fast potential profits

While results depend on effort put in, this course provides a clear path to generate 4-figures in monthly revenue within just 90 days for those who take action.

Final Review

The Birthday Marketing Formula by Jason Bell provides an excellent framework and step-by-step training for profiting from automated birthday marketing campaigns.

It’s a unique yet intuitive marketing angle. The recurring revenue model and done-for-you assets make it beginner friendly but also able to provide great ROI for experienced marketers.

For anyone looking to launch a service-based business, become a marketing consultant, or add a new income stream online, the Birthday Marketing Formula is a course worth considering.


  • Course Rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • Highly recommended for: Entry-level and experienced digital marketers looking for proven business models and automated systems.
  • Beginner friendly but enough advanced tactics to benefit experienced marketers
  • Provides clear blueprint to generate 4-figure monthly revenue within 90 days

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