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Growth School – Learn Performance Marketing

The “Growth School – Learn Performance Marketing” course provides comprehensive insights into performance marketing, distinguishing it from digital marketing, and delving into the high-demand career opportunities, salary ranges, and paths available. Participants will gain valuable knowledge through a 16-step framework to excel as performance marketers, access a bulletproof toolkit, and understand the secrets of high-converting landing pages and successful campaigns. This course primarily falls under the “Digital Marketing” category.

Growth School – Learn Performance Marketing

What will you learn in the workshop?

  • What is Performance Marketing & how it is different from Digital Marketing
  • Why are performance Marketers in high demand, salary-ranges & career paths!
  • Internet’s first ‘Acquisition Channels Pros & Cons’ Blueprint
  • A 16-step no-fluff framework to become a phenomenal performance Marketer
  • A Bulletproof Performance Marketer’s toolkit
  •’s Proprietary High-converting landing page framework
  • The truth behind big boys’ campaigns & how can you impress them in an interview
  • Performance Marketer’s Most Powerful Weapon – An insider look into the future
  • The Ultimate Acquisition Channel Hacks – Google, Facebook, LinkedIn & Affiliate Marketing

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