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Greg Hickman – AltAgency Launchpad (Group Buy)

AltAgency Launchpad course focuses on helping you identify your ideal client, understand their pain points, and develop a compelling core offer to address their needs. It falls under the category of Business and Entrepreneurship, specifically in the field of marketing and product/service development.

Greg Hickman – AltAgency Launchpad

What You Get:

Module 1

Choosing Your Ideal Client:

In this module get clear on who you’re going to serve.

Module 2

Extract The Painful Problem

Interview your ideal client and follow our proven interview script to extract the EXACT problems your Core Offer will need to solve.

Module 3

Package Your Core Offer:

Take your learnings from your interviews, your existing knowledge and experience to design an irresistible offer that solves a critical problem for your market and represents your ideal clients journey.

Module 4

Position Your Powerful Promise:

With your Core Offer Roadmap created, you’ll identify the value proposition that lets you get a handful of trial clients that lead to case studies. This will help you charge a premium for solving your clients most painful problem and stand out from your competition.

Module 5

Sell Trial Engagements:

The fastest way to refine your service and create an offer that you can sell over and over again is to take enough clients through it to iron out any and all kinks. We’ll show you how to get your initial “Pilot” clients to rapidly refine your offering.

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