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Gauher Chaudhry - Pin Sumo

Gauher Chaudhry – Pin Sumo

The course “Gauher Chaudhry – Pin Sumo” is about leveraging Pinterest Ads to promote and market products or services. It covers various topics such as setting up a Pinterest account, optimizing photos and handles, utilizing the Pinterest Universal Pixel for tracking, creating and organizing Pinterest boards, designing engaging Pinterest pins, using Tailwind for scheduling and promoting pins, understanding Pinterest analytics, creating effective ad campaigns, targeting Pinterest audiences, developing content specifically for Pinterest, implementing content leverage strategies, using hashtags for increased exposure, utilizing Pinterest Shopping Ads, and participating in a Pin Sumo Q&A workshop.

Gauher Chaudhry – Pin Sumo

  • Welcome Video
  • Introduction to Pinterest Ads
  • Setting Up A Pinterest Account
  • Photos & Handle Setup
  • Pinterest Universal Pixel
  • Creating Your Pinterest Boards
  • Designing Your Pinterest Pins
  • Creating A Tailwind Account
  • Tailwind Communities
  • Getting Started With Promoted Pins
  • Studying Pinterest Analytics
  • Creating An Ad Campaign
  • Pinterest Audiences
  • Creating Content For Pinterest
  • Content Leverage Strategy
  • Using Hashtags For More Exposure
  • Pinterest Shopping Ads
  • Pin Sumo Q&A Workshop

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Gauher Chaudhry - Pin Sumo

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