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Dr. Stoxx – Trading for a Living

The “Dr. Stoxx – Trading for a Living” webinar series is a comprehensive course covering stocks and stock options trading. Dr. Stoxx provides six hours of detailed instruction, explaining five highly profitable trading systems, including one with an impressive 160% annual ROI. You’ll also learn how to leverage gains and reduce risk using options. This course is a one-stop resource for those aiming to generate income or transition to full-time trading.

Dr. Stoxx – Trading for a Living


This is a complete, fully explained, “how to trade” course in stocks and stock options.

Everything you need to know to add income or quit your day job to start trading for a living.

6 hours of full instructions, all systems explained in easy to follow step by step fashion.

In this 6-hour jam-packed, everything-you-need-to-know course, you will learn the exact parameters of Dr. Stoxx’s 5 most profitable trading systems, including his “cheap stocks” system that averages over 160% ROI per year! You’ll also learn how to use options to leverage your gains and reduce your risk. Everything is fully explained.

This is the ONLY trading course you will ever need.

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Dr. Stoxx Trading for a Living
Dr. Stoxx - Trading for a Living

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