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Digital Marketer – The Copywriting Mastery Accelerator (Group Buy)

Digital Marketer’s Copywriting Mastery Accelerator is a comprehensive program covering every facet of copywriting. From kickoff week focusing on strategy, customer avatars, and AI in copywriting, to mastering email and ad copy, sales videos, social media, and sales page content. Delve into optimization techniques, style, persuasion, and secrets of effective copywriting. The course also includes in-depth modules on crafting high-converting homepages, video sales letters, customer-centric emails, and million-dollar webinars, ultimately leading to a mastery of both copywriting and digital marketing.

Digital Marketer – The Copywriting Mastery Accelerator


Kickoff Week

Copywriting, Strategy (Customer Value Journey), & Your Customer Avatar (ICP/Customer Avatar)

The Use of AI in Copywriting

Email Copy

Written Ad Copy

Sales Video Ad Copy

Social Media Copy

Sales Page Copy

Optimization: Style, Persuasion, & Copywriting Secrets

The Copywriting Mastery Accelerator

Craft a High-Converting Homepage

Script a High Converting Video Sales Letter (VSL)

Breakthrough Or Bust: Cut Through The Marketing Noise with Customer-Centric Emails

Engineering a Pitch-Perfect Million-Dollar Webinar

Copywriting Mastery

Digital Marketing Mastery

Sales Page

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