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Digital Marketer - AI Bootcamp

Digital Marketer – AI Bootcamp 2023

The Digital Marketer – AI Bootcamp 2023 teaches marketers how to leverage artificial intelligence to enhance their marketing campaigns. Over 6 weeks, you’ll learn from industry experts how to use AI for content creation, keyword research, lead gen, email marketing, paid ads, and more. With step-by-step frameworks, live coaching, and hands-on activities, you’ll be able to implement AI to drive results and gain a competitive edge. If you want to work smarter as a marketer, the Digital Marketer AI Bootcamp provides the skillset and mindset to succeed with AI.

Digital Marketer AI Bootcamp 2023: A Review

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing digital marketing. Tools like chatbots, predictive analytics, and machine learning algorithms allow marketers to work smarter and faster. The Digital Marketer AI Bootcamp 2023 teaches you how to leverage these cutting-edge technologies to boost your marketing results.

Overview of the Course

The Digital Marketer AI Bootcamp is a live, online training program created by industry experts. Over 6 weeks, you’ll learn practical strategies to implement AI across all stages of your marketing funnel.

The course provides a step-by-step framework for becoming an “AI-powered marketer.” You’ll discover how to use AI for:

  • Keyword research
  • Content creation
  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing
  • Ads
  • Analytics

By the end, you’ll know how to automate repetitive tasks and focus on high-level strategy. No coding or technical skills are required.

What You Get

Here’s everything included with the Digital Marketer AI Bootcamp 2023:

  • 9 video lessons explaining AI concepts and tools
  • 6 weekly live coaching sessions for Q&A and troubleshooting
  • 40+ page course workbook with frameworks, templates, and checklists
  • Private community to network and collaborate
  • Lifetime access to all course materials
  • Exclusive AI tool discounts only available to students

You also get hands-on support from the DigitalMarketer team via a private Slack channel.

Who Is This Course For?

The Digital Marketer AI Bootcamp is designed for:

  • Marketing managers
  • Digital marketing specialists
  • Small business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone looking to level up their digital marketing skills

It’s tailored for non-technical users. No prior AI or coding experience is necessary.

The curriculum is best suited for marketers who want to:

  • Streamline their workflow
  • Leverage data and analytics
  • Stay on top of digital marketing trends
  • Gain a competitive edge

What You’ll Learn

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the topics covered in the course:

Module 1 – AI 101

Get a crash course on core AI concepts, including:

  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Computer vision
  • Predictive analytics

You’ll learn how businesses are using AI across marketing, sales, and service.

Module 2 – Content Creation

Discover AI tools to create optimized content faster. Specific topics include:

  • AI writing assistant comparison
  • Long-form content creation
  • Short-form content creation
  • Multimedia content creation
  • Personalizing content with AI

Module 3 – Keyword Research & SEO

Master AI-powered keyword research. You’ll learn how to:

  • Generate high-value long-tail keywords
  • Analyze keyword intent and volume
  • Prioritize keywords for SEO and PPC
  • Optimize pages for voice search

Module 4 – Lead Generation

Apply AI to boost conversions across your funnel. Strategies include:

  • Creating high-converting landing pages
  • Email list building with chatbots
  • Lead scoring and prioritization
  • Predicting customer lifetime value (CLV)

Module 5 – Email Marketing

Harness AI to send targeted, personalized emails. You’ll discover how to:

  • Create emails with AI copywriting tools
  • Personalize subject lines using open and click-through data
  • Segment your list based on user behaviors
  • Trigger behavioral emails based on user actions

Module 6 – Paid Ads

Learn how AI can optimize your paid campaigns. Topics include:

  • Automated bid adjustments
  • Dynamic creative optimization (DCO)
  • Lookalike modeling for Facebook ads
  • Predicting ad performance and budgets

Real-World Case Studies

Throughout the course, you’ll get examples of real companies using AI to enhance their marketing.

Some of the case studies covered include:

  • HubSpot – Uses chatbots to qualify leads 24/7
  • Bombora – Employs AI content intelligence to identify buyer intent
  • SocialPilot – Leverages AI to manage social media accounts
  • Square – Implements machine learning to forecast revenue

These case studies demonstrate practical applications across different industries.

Course Instructors

The Digital Marketer AI Bootcamp is taught by seasoned marketers with decades of combined experience.

Here are the lead instructors:

Mark de Grasse

Mark is the CEO of DigitalMarketer. With over 20 years in digital marketing, he’s an expert at leveraging technology to accelerate business growth.

Mark has trained over 50,000 students around the world. He’s passionate about helping marketers stay ahead of the curve.

Molly Pittman

Molly is the Chief Operating Officer at DigitalMarketer. She’s helped over 200 businesses implement digital marketing strategies.

She specializes in digital advertising, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and campaign planning.

Trevor Turnbull

Trevor is the VP of Product at DigitalMarketer. He was named a top conversion optimization pro by

With over 10 years of experience in landing page optimization and user experience, Trevor excels at creating high-converting funnels.

Between the three instructors, they have over 50 years of combined industry experience and have generated over $1 billion in online revenue.

DigitalMarketer Overview

Founded in 2011, DigitalMarketer helps businesses maximize their return from digital marketing. They offer:

  • Cutting-edge education programs
  • Done-for-you marketing services
  • Predictive analytics software

To date, DigitalMarketer has:

  • Trained over 150,000 students
  • Helped clients generate over $1 billion in revenue
  • Produced over 3,500 blog posts and podcast episodes

They stay on top of the latest technologies and trends in digital marketing.

What Fellow Students Are Saying

The AI Bootcamp boasts rave reviews from past students.

Here is some of the positive feedback:

  • “This bootcamp packs a ton of value. My marketing has totally leveled up thanks to the AI tools and strategies I learned.”
  • “DigitalMarketer continues to pump out extremely useful trainings. The AI course helped me streamline my workflow and get more done in less time.”
  • “I went in with zero AI experience. Six weeks later, I’m automating processes that used to take me days or weeks to complete manually.”
  • “The tips on using AI for content creation were invaluable. I can now create a draft blog post with Jarvis in minutes versus hours.”
  • “The instructors clearly explain each concept and tool. I appreciate that they focus on real-world application versus complex theory.”

Based on reviews, students are seeing great results from applying what they learn in the course.

Course Curriculum

The Digital Marketer AI Bootcamp includes 6 core modules with weekly learning sprints:

Week 1

  • AI 101
  • Content Creation Overview

Week 2

  • Long-Form Content Creation
  • Short-Form Content Creation

Week 3

  • Multimedia Content Creation
  • Keyword Research & SEO

Week 4

  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Lead Generation with AI

Week 5

  • Email Marketing with AI
  • Messenger Bots for Lead Gen

Week 6

  • Paid Advertising Optimization
  • Predictive Analytics

The step-by-step framework allows you to implement AI across your marketing systematically.

Each module includes:

  • 2-3 video tutorials explaining concepts and demonstrations
  • Actionable templates to apply what you learn
  • Live Q&A coaching and office hours
  • Quizzes and exercises for reflection

By completing one module per week, you can upgrade your marketing strategy using AI in just 6 weeks.

AI Tools Covered

Throughout the bootcamp, you’ll get hands-on experience with leading AI marketing tools.

Here are some of the platforms showcased:

  • Jarvis – AI content writer from Anthropic
  • Grammarly – AI proofreading and editing
  • Jasper – AI copywriting assistant
  • – Multifunction AI tool for marketers
  • SEMrush – AI site audits and keyword research
  • – Chatbot messengers for lead gen
  • Persado – AI-generated ad and email copy
  • Drift – Conversational marketing platform with bots
  • Unbounce – Landing page builder with AI optimization
  • Adobe Sensei – AI enhancements for Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Deepgram – Speech to text transcription with AI
  • Descript – Video and audio editing using AI

The bootcamp demos a variety of AI software so you can find the right solutions to integrate into your marketing stack.

Bonus Materials and Resources

In addition to the core curriculum, you get access to some awesome bonuses:

  • 6 downloadable workbooks with exercises, templates, and frameworks
  • Private community with over 1,500 members
  • Discount codes for select AI tools
  • Free monthly trainings on new digital marketing topics
  • Invitation to live virtual events with expert speakers

You also get lifetime access to all past DigitalMarketer workshops and certifications.

These valuable extras help reinforce what you learn and expand your skillset over time.

How the Training Is Delivered

The Digital Marketer AI Bootcamp utilizes a dynamic training methodology:

  • Pre-recorded videos – Learn concepts and AI tool tutorials on-demand
  • Live weekly coaching – Get your questions answered in real-time
  • Community support – Connect and collaborate with fellow students
  • Templates and workbooks – Apply your knowledge with ready-made frameworks
  • Slack channel access – Get feedback from coaches and mentors
  • Lifetime access – Review materials and stay up-to-date

This blended approach caters to all types of learning styles. You can progress through the modules at your own pace while still getting live interaction.

What You’ll Be Able to Do

Here are some of the hands-on skills you’ll master by completing the bootcamp:

  • Conduct AI-powered keyword research to drive traffic and leads
  • Create long-form blog posts and articles with an AI writing assistant
  • Design high-converting landing pages using AI-generated copy
  • Build chatbots to interact with leads and book demos 24/7
  • Send personalized emails and push notifications to re-engage inactive users
  • Run more profitable paid ad campaigns using predictive budgeting
  • Analyze customer lifetime value to focus on your best segments
  • Transcribe podcasts and videos using automatic speech recognition
  • Edit content in less time using AI proofreading capabilities

These are just a few examples of how you can implement AI across your marketing process.

How Much Does It Cost?

The full price for the Digital Marketer AI Bootcamp is $2,997.

However, Digital Marketer offers flexible payment plans to make the course more affordable, including:

  • 3 payments of $997
  • 6 payments of $499
  • 12 payments of $249

There are often discounts available too.

For the amount of value packed into 6 weeks, the investment is well worth it. The skills you gain can easily provide a 10-100X return by optimizing your marketing performance.

Plus you get lifetime access to the materials, bonuses, and community.

Is the AI Bootcamp Worth It?

In my opinion, the Digital Marketer AI Bootcamp is absolutely worth the investment for several reasons:

1. Learn Cutting-Edge Tactics

You’ll get exposed to the latest AI applications for marketing, allowing you to innovate rather than playing catch up.

2. Save Time

Automating repetitive tasks frees you up for strategic work that moves the needle.

3. Drive More Results

The AI optimizations taught lead to higher conversion rates, lower cost per acquisition, and bigger profits.

4. Get Expert Guidance

Learn from DigitalMarketer’s proven framework instead of piecing tools together through trial and error.

5. Fast Implementation

The structured 6 week format allows you to integrate AI into your workflow quickly.

6. Added Credibility

Completing the course earns you a certificate to highlight your expertise.

7. Ongoing Access

With lifetime access, you always have a reliable AI resource no matter how the tech evolves.

For any marketer looking to implement AI, the bootcamp delivers extremely high value.

Who Should Sign Up

The Digital Marketer AI Bootcamp is a fit for:

  • Marketing executives overseeing teams
  • Online business owners
  • Agency account managers
  • Marketing consultants
  • Bootstrapped startup founders
  • Bloggers and content creators
  • Career-minded marketers looking to advance their skills

The curriculum works whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience.

If you want to maximize results with less effort, it’s the ideal training.

Final Review and Recommendation

The Digital Marketer AI Bootcamp 2023 provides a foolproof blueprint for leveraging artificial intelligence in your marketing.

Over 6 weeks, you’ll gain practical skills to streamline workflows, drive conversions, and gain a competitive edge.

With hands-on support from industry experts, it’s the fastest way to implement AI into your business.

The course delivers extremely high value for the investment. I highly recommend it to any marketer ready to utilize AI to work smarter and faster.

Don’t get left behind on the AI curve. Now is the time to enroll and unleash the power of artificial intelligence to accelerate your marketing results.

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