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David Mendes – Full-Stack Operator Protocol (Group Buy)

David Mendes – Full-Stack Operator Protocol teaches you ethical strategies for growing your social media audience authentically. It focuses on using symptomatic messaging to attract ideal clients, accelerating audience growth economically, conducting effective market research, crafting resonating offers, launching products successfully, achieving high sales close rates, and creating a sustainable backend machine for continuous customer acquisition. The course falls under the category of “Digital Marketing and Business Development.”

David Mendes – Full-Stack Operator Protocol

What You Learn:

1 – How to legitimately grow an audience on social media without any sort of cringe tactics.
2 – How to use symptomatic messaging to attract your ideal client and build an audience of buyers.
3 – How to cheaply accelerate your audience growth and get results faster
4 – The Market Research process that allowed me to craft offers that resonate with audiences and go on to print millions
5 – How to create offers based on Market Sentiment and Market Feedback
6 – The Launch Process I’ve used to launch multiple offers to +$100k/month in the first 30 to 60 days
7 – The Sales Process I’ve used to consistently sell these offers at around 40-50% close rate
8 – How to create a Backend Machine that sells for you in the long run and allows you to never run out of new customers
9 – How to sell really expensive stuff on the backend so you massively increase LTV of your clients and get paid even more

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