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Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer

Dan Koe’s The 2 Hour Writer course teaches effective online writing and content creation through 3 modules on impactful writing, viral idea generation, and a streamlined 2 hour content system. The course provides actionable skills and frameworks for writing high-performing digital content efficiently.

Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Course Review


Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer is an online course that teaches you how to write high-impact digital content that attracts attention, grows your audience, and generates opportunities.

The core premise is that writing is the foundation of valuable online communication and content creation. As more business and work shifts online, writing well becomes an essential skill.

The course aims to help you:

  • Learn fundamentals of attention-grabbing digital writing
  • Generate unlimited viral content ideas
  • Implement a 2 hour content creation system to repurpose writing across platforms

Key components:

  • High impact writing foundations module
  • Unlimited idea generation module
  • The 2 hour content ecosystem module
  • Bonuses like a swipe file of top tweets and Notion writing templates

Instructor: Dan Koe, online business consultant and brand advisor

Price: $150 one-time payment

Detailed Review

Course Overview

The sales page starts by explaining why learning digital writing is important in the current economy and job landscape. With more business going digital, creative skills like writing well online become increasingly valuable.

Dan shares his experience going from struggling with various online skills to building a 6 figure business by focusing on writing.

He outlines common scenarios where the course could help, like:

  • Wanting to attract an audience to your interests
  • Needing to improve existing content
  • Lacking a system for creating viral content
  • Wanting to build skills you can sell (like copywriting)

The course aims to help you:

  • Write in a high impact way that attracts attention
  • Generate endless engaging ideas
  • Implement a content creation system for efficiency
  • Ultimately work just 2 hours a day

It focuses on writing newsletters, social media posts, captions, and threads that get engagement and growth.

What’s Inside The Course

The course contains 3 core modules:

1. High Impact Writing Foundations

This module teaches writing fundamentals like:

  • Attention and engagement psychology
  • Writing tweet frameworks that perform well
  • Feeling confident writing copy, emails, posts

It aims to help you write in an impactful way that pulls in followers and opportunities.

2. Unlimited Idea Generation

This module focuses on consistently creating viral idea through:

  • Learning frameworks to deconstruct and remix ideas
  • Turning boring ideas into unique engaging angles
  • Using psychology to destroy writer’s block

It provides a system to always have brilliant ideas to write about.

3. The 2 Hour Content Ecosystem

This is the core system Dan uses to work just 2 hours a day. It includes:

  • A system to write, outline, and edit newsletters quickly
  • Repurposing newsletters into threads, tweets, videos, podcasts
  • Promoting your writing across platforms
  • Using writing to attract email subscribers and sales

It provides a streamlined system to create and repurpose writing efficiently.


The course includes several high-value bonuses:

  • Twitter Followers & Dollars Simplified ($97 value): Guide to growing your audience on Twitter
  • The Daily Writing Hub (40 hours value): Notion template for writing systems
  • My Best Tweets Swipe File ($97 value): 100 of Dan’s top performing tweets
  • 2 Hour Content Ecosystem Breakdown ($850 value): Exact process Dan uses to work 2 hours a day

These provide tweet templates, writing systems, and details on Dan’s content process.

Instructor – Dan Koe

Dan Koe is the founder of an online business consulting agency. He helps creators, influencers, and solopreneurs grow their brand and audience.

He began by struggling with various online skills before realizing writing was the foundation of online value and communication.

After focusing on writing, he grew a web design business to 6 figures and now makes $40-60k/month working just 2 hours a day.

Dan has over 4000 students across his courses. He provides a credible, experienced perspective on digital writing and content creation.


The course is a one-time payment of $150.

Given the bonuses, swipe files, and Notion templates, this seems like a fair price for the amount of value provided.

Dan does not offer refunds, given it’s a digital product. He advises enrolling only if fully committed.


Dan Koe’s The 2 Hour Writer provides a compelling system for learning high-impact digital writing and creating engaging content efficiently.


  • Teaches effective online writing principles
  • Provides systems for viral idea generation
  • Detailed 2 hour content creation process
  • Swipe files of real tweet examples
  • Credible instructor with proven experience


  • No refunds offered
  • Relies heavily on Twitter and newsletters

Overall, it offers great value for anyone looking to improve their online writing skills and create content more efficiently.

The focus on psychology, viral ideas, and implementing a streamlined system is practical for growth and income. While no refunds may deter some, the price point balances the risk.

If you want to get better at digital writing and promoting content, Dan Koe’s course is a worthwhile investment. The skills and systems you learn will serve you long-term in the digital landscape.

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Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer
Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer

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