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Clients & Community – Prominence Partnership Program

Clients & Community – Prominence Partnership Program

Clients & Community – Prominence Partnership Program is a 13-week coaching experience focused on teaching participants how to launch and grow their own client-getting group. The course includes proprietary strategies for creating and launching a client-getting group, running successful promotional cycles, setting up client acquisition funnels, enrolling clients over the phone, and utilizing both organic and paid methods for group growth. The program is designed by Landon Stewart & Chris Stapleton, who discovered the power of Facebook groups in generating new clients for their coaching business, leading them to double down on this approach in January 2020. The course aims to help participants achieve similar success by harnessing the potential of client-getting groups.

Summary and Review of Clients & Community’s How It Works Page


Clients & Community is a platform that connects professional service providers like coaches, consultants, and therapists with clients seeking their services. The How It Works page on their website outlines the key features and benefits of using their platform from both the client and service provider perspectives.

Key Sections

The main sections on the How It Works page include:

  • For Clients
    • Find a Coach or Therapist
    • Get Matched
    • Book Your First Session
    • Work with Your Coach or Therapist
    • Give Feedback
  • For Coaches & Therapists
    • Create Your Profile
    • Get Matched
    • Deliver Your Services
    • Get Paid
    • Receive Feedback

For Clients

This section explains how clients can use Clients & Community to find and work with professional coaches, consultants, and therapists.

Find a Coach or Therapist

Clients can search for providers based on:

  • Speciality (e.g. career coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, therapy)
  • Demographics like gender, race, age, language, location
  • Availability and pricing

This allows clients to find a provider that fits their unique needs and preferences.

Get Matched

After entering their search criteria, clients will be matched with 3-5 recommended providers. They can then review profiles, credentials, client reviews and intro videos to select the best fit.

Book Your First Session

Booking a session is simple – just select your provider, choose a time and pay. Everything is handled through the Clients & Community platform.

Sessions are available in 3 formats:

  • Video – Virtual sessions via video chat
  • Message – Asynchronous messaging with your provider
  • In-person (where available) – Meet your provider at their local office

Work with Your Coach or Therapist

Clients can attend scheduled sessions, send messages, and access helpful tools all in one place through the Clients & Community platform.

Key features include:

  • Secure video chat – Encrypted video sessions right in the browser
  • Message inbox – Secure asynchronous messaging with your provider
  • Session notes – Providers can share notes after each session
  • Progress tracking – Track goals and progress over time
  • Calendar – Reschedule, cancel or book additional sessions
  • Payment processing – Securely pay for sessions directly on the platform

This makes working with a provider simple and convenient.

Give Feedback

After each session, clients are prompted to leave feedback on the overall experience as well as specific metrics like the provider’s listening skills, effectiveness, punctuality and more.

This feedback helps providers improve while also informing matching for future clients.

For Coaches & Therapists

The course also outlines key features and benefits for coaches, consultants, therapists, and other service providers using the platform.

Create Your Profile

Providers can create a detailed profile highlighting their credentials, experience, areas of specialty and approach. Profiles include:

  • About – Share your background, education, credentials and experience
  • Specialties – List your areas of expertise and the types of clients you work with
  • Approach – Describe your coaching or therapeutic approach and philosophy
  • Rates – Set your session fees and available formats (video, message, in-person)
  • Availability – List your available hours
  • Video intro – Record a short intro video to give clients a sense of your personality
  • Reviews – Past client reviews are displayed to help you stand out

This level of detail allows you to attract ideal clients.

Get Matched

Once your profile is set up, you can be matched with clients based on:

  • Your specialty, skills and areas of focus
  • Client preferences like gender, age, location, availability, price
  • Your availability and formats offered
  • Past client feedback and reviews

You only get matched with clients you are well-suited to support.

Deliver Your Services

The Clients & Community platform provides everything you need to effectively deliver your services:

  • Scheduling – View booked sessions on your calendar. Schedule is synced across devices.
  • Secure video chat – Built-in encrypted video chat for virtual sessions
  • Messaging – Secure inbox to communicate asynchronously with clients
  • Session notes – Share notes with clients after each session
  • Progress tracking – Track client goals and progress over time
  • Digital tools – Incorporate assessments, worksheets and other resources
  • Calendar – Clients can reschedule, cancel or book additional sessions

This enables you to conduct convenient virtual or in-person sessions while protecting client data and privacy.

Get Paid

Client payments are processed securely through the platform. You get paid on a weekly basis directly to your bank account.

Key payment features:

  • Clients pay in advance for sessions through the platform
  • Funds are held in escrow until sessions are complete
  • Weekly payouts are automatically sent to your bank account
  • View your earning history and get 1099s for taxes
  • Low fees – significantly less than other coaching platforms

You receive payment quickly and reliably.

Receive Feedback

After each session, you receive structured feedback from clients on:

  • Overall experience
  • Listening skills
  • Effectiveness
  • Punctuality
  • Professionalism

This allows you to continually improve while also informing the platform’s matching algorithm over time.


In summary, Clients & Community offers a streamlined platform enabling clients to easily find and work with qualified professional coaches, consultants and therapists matched to their unique needs.

It provides service providers with the tools and infrastructure to conveniently deliver their services virtually or in-person while getting paid reliably.

Key benefits for clients include:

  • Finding an ideal provider matched to your needs
  • Booking and attending sessions all in one place
  • Convenient virtual and in-person options
  • Secure video chat and messaging

Benefits for providers include:

  • Attracting ideal, pre-qualified clients
  • Delivering effective virtual and in-person services
  • Getting paid reliably on a weekly basis
  • Continually improving through client feedback

Overall, Clients & Community simplifies connecting professional service providers and clients for productive working relationships.

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Clients & Community – Prominence Partnership Program

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