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Cassiy Johnson - POD Roadmap

Cassiy Johnson – POD Roadmap

The “Cassiy Johnson – POD Roadmap” course is designed to help participants build a successful Etsy business focused on print-on-demand products. The course covers various aspects of creating and selling on Etsy, with a specific focus on maximizing conversions and standing out in the search results. Participants will learn how to create high-quality photo cards and mockups for their listings, analyze and learn from a Profitable Niches List, and develop bestselling designs that add value to the marketplace. The course is divided into modules, covering topics such as mindset, setting up an Etsy shop and Printify accounts, branding strategies, research techniques for finding bestselling products, creating compelling offers, understanding design foundations, trademark and copyright considerations, and creating trendy designs.

Cassiy Johnson – POD Roadmap

So, what is The POD Roadmap anyways?

The POD Roadmap is an 8 Module, over 8 hour long course that teaches you how to start and scale your Etsy print on demand business. Wether you are already selling on Etsy or just getting started, this course will walk you through everything you need to know without all of the fluff. 

By the end of the program, you’ll know…

  • How to turn more viewers into buyers by creating best in class photo cards and mockups for your listings while selling to your customers hot and cold points to increase conversions
  • How to build a Profitable Niches List with 100’s of bestselling listings that you can analyze, learn from and create your own bestselling listings from this data without having to spend hours scrolling endlessly through the search results wondering what to do next
  • How to create bestselling designs that will stand out in the search results by adding value instead of just copying what’s already there