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Brandon Young – Seller Systems (Inner Circle)

The Inner Circle course offers comprehensive training on various aspects of running a successful e-commerce business, particularly focused on selling products through Amazon’s FBA program. It covers product research, sourcing, optimization, PPC strategies, product launch techniques, ManyChat & Facebook training, and understanding the Amazon algorithm.

Brandon Young – Seller Systems (Inner Circle)

The Inner Circle includes Live and Recorded Classes on the following subjects:

Product research
Product selection based on real data analysis. Our product selection methodology is data driven and will drastically increase your chance of success.

How to find the factories and work directly with suppliers to save money over Alibaba. You could immediately save money on existing products with what we show you.

How to write and optimize your listing based on proper keyword research and competitor analysis.

We provide you with the latest PPC strategies to help you effectively index and efficiently rank your products.

Product Launch
Off Amazon marketing strategies that cover an in depth knowledge of the the Amazon algorithm and how it decides who deserves to be on top of specific search terms.

ManyChat & Facebook training
Learn how to build chat bots and run facebook ads to build your brand off Amazon. Use your audiences to launch new products while staying inside Amazon’s terms of service. (All ManyChat flow templates are provided to you).

Amazon algorithm
A deep understanding of the Amazon algorithm. Learn how to get maximum credit for each of your sales and what strategies can negatively impact your keyword ranks and profits.

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Brandon Young Seller Systems Inner Circle
Brandon Young – Seller Systems (Inner Circle)

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