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Bazi Hassan – Profit Academy 2023

Bazi Hassan – Profit Academy 2023 is a course that teaches you how to make money with Clickbank, an online platform that connects product creators and affiliates. In this course, you will learn how to find a profitable niche, build a landing page, drive traffic to your landing page, and promote a high-converting product. The course claims that you can generate up to $1,000 per day using this method. The course is presented by Bazi Hassan, a successful online marketer who is a Platinum awardee at Clickbank.

Summary of Bazi Hassan – Profit Academy (Make $1k per day with Clickbank)

This course is by Anthony Morrison, a successful online marketer who claims to have made over $600,000 with Clickbank in under 8 months. He also promotes his own products, such as Platinum and Profit Academy, which are supposed to teach you how to replicate his results.

  • Introduction: Anthony introduces himself and his achievements, and shows some screenshots of his earnings and testimonials from his students. He also explains what Clickbank is and how it works. He says that he will reveal his secrets to making money with Clickbank in this course.
  • The 3 Steps: Anthony reveals his 3-step formula for making money with Clickbank, which are:
    • Step 1: Find a profitable niche
    • Step 2: Build a landing page
    • Step 3: Drive traffic to your landing page
  • The Tools: Anthony shows the tools he uses to implement his 3-step formula, such as:
    • Clickfunnels: A software that helps you create landing pages and sales funnels
    • Aweber: An email marketing service that helps you collect leads and send emails
    • Udimi: A platform that connects you with solo ad sellers who can send traffic to your landing page
  • The Offer: Anthony shows the offer he promotes on Clickbank, which is a weight loss product called Leptitox. He explains why he chose this product and how he makes commissions from it.
  • The Results: Anthony shows the results he achieved with his 3-step formula and Leptitox. He shows his Clickbank dashboard and his email list, and claims that he made over $600,000 in less than 8 months with this method.
  • The Bonus: Anthony offers a bonus to anyone who signs up for his products, such as Platinum or Profit Academy. He says that he will give you access to his landing pages, email swipes, traffic sources, and coaching. He also says that he will give you a free laptop if you join his programs.

course or Anthony’s products to anyone who wants to learn how to make money with Clickbank. I think this course is one of the best and most honest sources of information and education on this topic.

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Bazi Hassan – Profit Academy 2023

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