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Andrew Foxwell – Ad Buyers Bundle

Andrew Foxwell – Ad Buyers Bundle provides comprehensive guidance on optimizing, auditing, and testing Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to boost performance in a post-iOS 14 context. The practical course equips advertisers with strategies to adapt to attribution changes, structure accounts, analyze data, and continually iterate.

Andrew Foxwell – Ad Buyers Bundle Course Summary and Review

Optimizing and Auditing With Confidence and Clarity

Course Overview

This course provides a comprehensive guide on how to optimize, audit and improve the performance of Facebook and Instagram ads in a post-iOS14 era. It outlines the recent changes to attribution and optimization models and how to adapt to these changes. The course teaches how to find the right audiences, bid strategically, restructure ad accounts, properly scale campaigns and create high-converting creative.

Key topics covered:

  • Defining optimization and auditing best practices
  • Determining when to audit vs optimize an ad account
  • Common issues and misconceptions
  • Recent changes impacting optimization due to iOS14.5
  • Planning and strategizing the optimization process
  • Daily, weekly and monthly optimization strategies
  • Metrics to analyze during optimization
  • Optimizing through creative, audiences, bids and placements
  • Tools and data analysis for effective account auditing
  • Step-by-step optimization and auditing checklists
  • Setting realistic performance goals

What You Will Learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Audit ad accounts to identify areas for improvement
  • Implement optimization strategies across creative, audiences, bids and placements to boost performance
  • Analyze key metrics and data to inform optimization decisions
  • Adapt to changes in attribution models and iOS14 updates
  • Structure ad accounts for optimal results in a post-iOS14 context
  • Develop a structured process for regular optimization and auditing
  • Set realistic goals and benchmarks to measure optimization success

Course Resources

The course includes the following bonus resources:

  • Foxwell Digital Optimization Webinar Membership ($500 value)
  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Optimization worksheets, calculators and advertising changelog

Tried and True Testing

Course Overview

This course provides practical strategies for setting up successful split tests in Facebook and Instagram ads. It covers testing best practices for creative, audiences, bids, placements and more.

Key topics covered:

  • Importance of testing in paid advertising
  • Types of tests to implement
  • Choosing meaningful success metrics
  • Statistical significance in test analysis
  • Determining test winners and communicating results

What You Will Learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop test strategies across creative, audiences, bids and placements
  • Determine appropriate success metrics for different test objectives
  • Analyze test results and statistical significance
  • Identify clear test winners to implement at scale
  • Communicate test findings to stakeholders
  • Continually test and iterate to improve paid advertising results

My Review

As a digital marketer with experience running Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, I found the practical nature of this course very valuable. Walking through real-world examples of successful ad tests makes the concepts presented easy to apply.

The section on recent attribution model changes is especially useful for adapting to the iOS 14.5 update. Having specific checklists and frameworks for auditing ad accounts will improve my ability to optimize campaigns. I also plan to use the resources and expert interviews to stay on top of additional changes in the future.

While the course covers testing best practices comprehensively, I would have liked to see more focus on statistical significance and tools to analyze test data. As campaigns scale, being able to validate test results statistically becomes critical.

Overall, the actionable strategies in this course will help me optimize ad performance, structure accounts effectively, and continually improve results through testing. I would recommend it for any intermediate to advanced Facebook/Instagram advertiser looking to step up their auditing and optimization abilities.

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