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Anastasia – Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets

Anastasia – Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets

Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets is a course that teaches you how to effectively use Pinterest as a search engine to drive traffic to your blog or website. The course focuses on strategies and techniques to optimize your Pinterest presence, improve your visibility in search results, and attract a large number of visitors. It covers topics such as setting up a Pinterest business account, conducting keyword research, optimizing profiles, boards, pins, and images, using schedulers, creating viral pins, and designing click-worthy graphics. The course also includes bonus modules with advanced Pinterest hacks and tricks, as well as templates and tools to enhance your pinning efforts. By leveraging the power of Pinterest SEO, the course aims to help you increase your blog’s traffic, grow your email list, and generate income through advertising and affiliate marketing.

Anastasia – Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets

Module 1. Setting Up Pinterest Account
1. Setup Business Account & Verify Your Site (5:35)
2. Enable Rich Pins (4:23)
Module 2. Pinterest SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
3. Pinterest SEO Introduction (4:04)
4. Four Main Pinterest SEO Traffic Factors (13:24)
5. Pinterest Keyword Research (10:14)
6. SEO – Profile and Boards (5:34)
7. SEO – Pins, Posts, Images and Hashtags (11:32)
Bonus Video 36. SEO Practice – Real Pin Example (14:13)
Module 3. Pinterest Boards
8. Organize Your Boards + Board Covers (5:57)
9. How To Get Access to the Best Group Boards (9:26)
10. Should You Leave Group Boards? How to evaluate Group Boards? (8:21)
Module 4. The Best Ways to Check your Pinterest Analytics
11. Pinterest’s own Analytics (what is worth checking on their platform) (4:40)
12. Analytics in Jetpack plugin and Google Analytics (5:56)
13. Pinterest Analytics in BoardBooster and Tailwind (2:54)
Module 5. Smart Pinning Technique
14. Manual Pinning vs Schedulers – Who Wins? (8:58)
15. How to find your best pins in Google Analytics and Jetpack (10:20)
16. Are you actually making repins? Or why I prefer Boardbooster (11:34)
17. BoardBooster vs Tailwind – How I use these Schedulers (4:50)
18. Avoid These Terrible Mistakes on Pinterest – Part 1 (8:56)
19. Avoid These Terrible Mistakes on Pinterest – Part 2 (9:11)
20. What is a Safe Number of Pins per day? What about Pin Duplication? (8:17)
Module 6. The Art of Making your Pins Viral
21. How to Make your pins Viral – My Initial Boost Technique for New Pins (11:40)
22. How to Revive Viral Pins to Get Consistent Traffic (15:05)
Module 7. How you Can Design Pins that Stand Out
23. How to Create Efficient Clickworthy Pins (9:39)
24. How to Use Canva to Create Pins – Detailed Tutorial (14:16)
25. Creating Pins in Photoshop Tutorial (14:01)
Module 8. BoardBooster – Advanced Scheduling Tutorial
26. BoardBooster – Introduction + Get your Bonus of 2000 Pins! (7:27)
27. How to Use Random Campaigns to Promote your Best Pins (5:09)
28. Automated pinning to your boards with Sourcing Campaigns (4:47)
29. A tool for advanced pinners – Scheduled campaigns (12:04)
30. BoardBooster Tribes: Use your Budget Carefully! (13:20)
Bonus! My Top Secrets and Pinterest Hacks
31. Secret #1. Pinterest hack which allows you to see the Individual Pin counts (14:35)
32. Secret #2. Having your own group boards – does it help you grow your account? (8:51)
33. Secret #3. In which niches you can get tons of Pinterest traffic? (11:39)
34. Secret #4. How to organize your posts to skyrocket your Pinterest traffic (6:22)
35. Secret #5. How you can benefit twice from the same pin on a group board? (7:08)
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Anastasia – Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets
Anastasia – Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets

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