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Alexander Hess – Motion UI Design · Gold

“Alexander Hess – Motion UI Design · Gold” is a comprehensive course categorized under “Motion Design and User Interface (UI) Development.” This course provides students with valuable insights and practical knowledge in motion design for user interfaces. It covers fundamental principles, best practices, and the process of creating engaging animations for UI. The course includes guidance on what to animate, how to do it, and why it matters, as well as common mistakes to avoid. Students will also learn about the export of animations, collaborating with developers, creating professional prototypes with Principle, and crafting Apple-style landing pages. With bonus materials, lifetime access, homework assignments, free updates, and a certificate of completion, this course offers a comprehensive package for those looking to master motion UI design.

Alexander Hess – Motion UI Design · Gold


  • Where to Start in Motion Design
  • Fundamentals of Motion UI
  • The practice of Motion UI
  • What to animate, How and Why
  • Mistakes people make
  • Export of Animations
  • How to Work with Developers
  • Bonus PDF
  • Lifetime Access
  • A handy platform with a personal account
  • Homework
  • Free updates
  • Certificate of completion
  • Professional prototypes with Principle
  • How to Create the Apple-style landing page

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Alexander Hess Motion UI Design · Gold
Alexander Hess – Motion UI Design · Gold

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